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land time

 last night, after another hellish day. sigh. this week the kids, all of them, have been acting up! im at my wits end with them. yesterday was horrid. i was counting the hrs until chris was home.  and if it wasnt for my prebooked coffee time with a tonight id LOSE it. haha but i have something to look forward too and i can get through the day. ha

we went to the land, we picked chris up after work and drove right out.  i picked up some chairs at the dollar store for the girls, they will have to do until i can find small camp chairs. the girls liked them
 but they fell a lot. haha

and yes, that would be joey holding her dinosaurs. she LOVES dinosaurs
 i LOVE how ellie sits like this .such a little lady
 i was there too
 we brought spray chalk and it worked!  the girls stayed outside the circle and i had peace of mind
 chris took this one. i think he was thinking "my favorite things" food and me. hahahaha
 i can not even begin to describe the dirt factor on this girl. hahaha
 she was laughing. so cute
 camp boy
 forest girl
 tree child
 hiding boy. haha
 we were out there for 3 hrs. we cooked supper, took a few walks, i sat at the fire and listened to the birds and enjoyed being outside.  even though its been a craptastic week, you simply can not be in a bad mood in the woods!

chris finally to the stick to the sign. the land is SOLD
 whack, whack
 and down she goes
 its our land now
 i found joey like this, she said she was "cleaning"
 she even moved the chairs to get under them. haha


zoo crew

 we met up with our home school friends at the zoo.  there was 9 kids,  it was fun, fun, fun. hahaha.  the zoo is getting busier with tourist season upon us, so i might change up the routine and go later in the day...and when its not hot.  when we went, it was actually cool, around 22 which was perfect for me.  not too hot, not too cold.  i skipped joeys nap and packed a picnic lunch.  it was a full, fun day. and thankfully joey had her MASSIVE tempter fit before we left the house and not at the zoo. haha

look how high ellie can climb now!

we hit up the exhibits on the reptiles
 and caught the show where they feed the tigers.  joey joined and STAYED with the kids for the whole show!
 and she watched it!
 feeding the tigers
 nate and Sebastian. he's a great kid and they get along well!  this family has 4 kids, all the ages match my kids. genders too. except we are missing our 7 yr old boy...:(
 haha just kidding they wanted a pic like this
 we left the zoo around 3, because my kids wanted to come home to swim. and they did!  for almost an hr.  joey LOVES the water and im thinking we made the right choice by setting the small pool up again this yr. nate's been really good about it
 and i might have used the pool time as bath time too. haha



 after i bathed the girls, i had plans to get out for some alone/me time. but before i left the house i found this little, clean, freshly bathed girl....with eye liner on!  she watched me put mine on and copied me...i laughed and laughed, she was so scared that she was going to get into trouble.  i told her NOT to touch my make up again and she was not going to be disciplined. she then put her arms (i was holding her) around me next and said "im so happy! im not in trouble" haha
 adorable, messy, little joe
 sunday morning ellie picked out her dress, after i did her hair she went to her mirror and said "if papa saw me he would say "wow ellie, you look like a little lady"  does that not sound like he would say that?!  then she wrote you a letter....
 joey picked out her dress and got dressed by herself....see
 GREAT job joey!  and yes, those would be her ever present dinosaurs in her hand
 us girls
 sunday afternoon the family all worked together to mulch up the much neglected flower beds.  it took us 1.5 hrs and everyone helped. now, im not as embarrassed by my front yard. ha
 so perty, cant wait for the lilies to bloom
 we mulched around all the trees as well
 look how tall the trees are getting!
after finishing the lawn, we packed up the crew and hit up the land.... 2 comments

the land

 joey went right to the property marker.  and played in the dirt
 see. gotta get dirty
 as we approached the property chris noticed truck tracks going into the land.  my heart sank.  we were hoping it was the sewage guys out checking on our application.  as we walked deeper into the property we knew it wasnt them, the trees were quite damaged....we went to the backhoe, it was still there but the jerry cans and diesel were missing. i had nate run to the tent and check out the damage....they left all our gear but moved the fire pit to drive further past our property.  i was happy they left the tent and our supplies....but i was stunned by how violated i felt

we stopped and all held hands and prayed over the ppl who stole and trespassed on our land.  and we spent a good 3 hrs enjoying the evening, but i spent most of it precessing how violated i felt

it took me back to florida in 08 when the rental house we were in was robbed.  i hate feeling the lack of control. and fear that they will come back and do more damage.  we havent even started to build yet, what else will they do?

but onto the visit...

the girls made friends with the slugs and snails
 and they really got into them...ignore nates face. ha
 supper.  it took almost an hr to cook these bad boys, they were 4 different flavours.  i manned the fire while chris cut down trees to block the path to the land
 its still a beautiful view
 the girls played hat while supper was cooking
 and again
i sat and manned the fire, processing all the emotions i felt with out showing the kids how upset i was
 chris came back, and we talked more about life....and were amazed by how wonderful the birds were. we had the kids sit and be quiet while we listened to them sing to each other
 so! i FINALLY found a bug off that WORKS!!!!  i put the cream on at the house, and when i got to the land i sprayed the liquid on my clothes and hair.  i woke up this morning with only 1 tiny bite at the back of my pants...i forgot to apply there. but other than that NO bug bites!!!!! AND it smells good!!!  totally worth the money! thanks ursi for telling me about it
 roasting marshmallows. notice the long stick.  hahaha. safety first.  im thinking ill pack a spray chalk and bring it out next time we go, a=making a circle where they can not pass
 more supper cooking
 it was so nice out, little bugs, birds and i tried my best to not stay upset
 nate discovering how sticky marshmallows are...on his face, hat and shoes
 walking to the back of the lot to see how far these ppl went....
 little country girl
 looks like the back into this tree. and we know the truck is black
 more damage
 truck tracks, they just plowed over the trees!
 more tracks
 looks like they got stuck in a hole
 but im still smiling. its still my happy place
 the backhow wasnt touched, the jerry cans were behind the front bucket
 more damage
 chris cut down these logs to block the path, im thinking chris should cut more down
 pushing the wagon out, from now on we will just carry our stuff and leave the wagon at home
 we drove up to the neighbour, he was surprised and shocked this happened to us.  hes been out there for 10 yrs and havent had anything happen to his property. he hopped on his atv and drove out to check the damage out...he seems like a great guy
 trying to entertain 2 tired girls, it was 8 at this point...
 i slept very little last night, i was awake most the night processing and dealing with all the emotions.  this morning chris ordered 6 deer cameras that will be here next week so we will have video if anything happens also kinda interested to see what goes on out there and what animals we see
 nate made me a snack this am.  a silly face, like i use to make for him!
 my crew this am
 my little lady
 joey called out "look mom!"
 very pleased with herself
and that was a peek into our weekend! 0 comments