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playdates and the zoo!

 while jeff, ursi and the girls spent mon-thurs exploring the island (and falling in love with it :) my little crew did a play date with micah and judah.  it POURED rain the whole time but the kids played really well together.  they asked for a snack so i made them banana muffins.  i made 12 and there was 4 left when they were done.  i think they like them. ha

after the rain we set (ok, mostly chris) set up the pool.  we ran the heat pump and by the end of day 2 te water was quite warm approxy +25...the wind was cold this week making it way too cold for me to go in! ha
 wed morning we chilled at the house.  the girls played dinosaurs...joey would feed them her snack and then eat it for them. haha
 see! yum!
 wed afternoon we hit up the zoo with home school friends .  we both have passes, so we are thinking this will be a weekly event
 my little girls on the big slide!
 sisters. how adorable
 love them
 hahaha they both fit inside!
 the zoo was crazy. so many kids!  we stayed later than normal but had to leave to meet chris at the house. chris was driving to amhert to pick up his new toy. a wood chipper. sigh. that beast scares me to bits!  nate told me the next ay that he really enjoyed spending time with chris that night....and he got to stay out even later than normal. ha
that was a quick peek into the first bit of our week...