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splash pad!

 monday it was SO very nice out, +30!  i took my crew to the splash pad and reminded nate "if you were in school you would be sitting at a desk right now" hahaha.  i LOVE going places with the kids this time of yr.  not school aged kids around! ha
 it was so very fun to watch joey.  she wasnt quite old enough last yr to really get into the splash pad. this yr!?  oh my, she ran the whole time. she was SOAKED!  it was so fun to watch her
 but i have to admit, the best part was having this cool dude sit with me and watch the girls.  nate's a bit old for the splash pad but he's just the right age to sit and chat with me. 
 and he lost another tooth. making enough money to buy a tim's cool chill. haha
 ellie and joey, joey was actually saying "higher mom!"
 nate. my growing boy.  gosh, i love him
 ellie, my little ellie.  running and growing. somebody stop time!
 walking on the balance pegs
 tues we stopped in to visit with daddy. the kids had so much fun playing with this tree!
 my little crew
 nate took his knife and got busy making this
 tues night joey was having a hard time. ellie was off playing with her friend. i think its good for my kids to have separate friends  that are separate from each other  but joey was having a hard time watching ellie play with out her, ESP just before bed time.  i watched and quietly opened the back door so nate and joey could not hear me....and i saw this and hear this "its ok joey, ill help you and i stay with you" nathaniel talked joey off the cliff of a melt down, then stooped down to help her with her toys.  my heart.  i love them.  it really melted my heart
 he is so kind to his sisters. and i love having the chance (and time) to watch nate develop a relationship with each sister. he truly is the best big brother
this has been the BUSIEST week. ever.  chris and i havent stopped!  from car repairs, to backhoes (more on that later) to the science fair to errands, cleaning, cooking, breaking up fights and play dates. chris and i havent stopped!!! 

but through it all, and in the middle of crazy (like this morning) i stopped and put on the great old song "great is thy faithfulness" and had nate listen to it with me.  because really, through life. the good and the bad. he's here and great is his faithfulness.