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the week part 2

 someone left me a gift on my phone. wonder who this is?
 thurs morning all the kids were in this relaxed, chilled mood. which is rare and AWESOME.  i found joey like this, reading. for a good 30 mins

nate was just happy to stay home and relax
 after nap time we went down town moncton to meet dad for a coffee and explore the down down main st. with canada 150 coming there is quite a lot of activity to watch...

joey, with her dinosaur
 i found nate like this. with my book and best markers. but i was totally ok with it. he did a great job
 and it kept him busy
 more of nate chilling
 poor clifford, i found him in time out
 back to down town moncton. my crew
 silly, happy joey
 when did my baby turn into a little girl?  sigh
 jeff, ursi and the girls arrived thurs night and the kids hit the pool. ha. after a late night, the kids woke up to spend the morning with the dads, while the moms hit up sally ann's 1.00 kids clothing sale, and costco.  we came back to swim, eat and hang out.  the kids did a mini lesson to the parents on "how we can be better parents"  it was cute, apparently, all i need to do is buy more meat?! hahaha

i tried to get a kid line up but these are the best i got
 cousin swim time
jeff and ursi left super early this morning for ontario.  and we all agreed that we all had a really enjoyable time and must do this again!

its pouring rain today, so im cleaning, laundry, mopping and cleaning....with some minor cooking and bath time in there

and that's a mini peek into my week!