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cake and the water front!

 after the discovery center we hit up the waterfront to explore and tire the already tired kids out. ha.  chris took the kids down to the docks, there was some kind of boat event going on so the water front was packed
 we visited the wave, a halifax water front must. nate chilled in the shade
 he's getting so big
 them we watched ellie try to climb it, the boys are at the top
 soon she will be up there too
 joey chilled in her chariot. she did very well for no nap day
 after we had our feast (thanks dad) of hamburgers and hot dogs we had this bad boy. oh my word. it was AWESOME.  prob the best cake ive had in a long time
 mom was sick for the weekend, so we brought the cake over to her
 happy birthday charlotte grace, i LOVE watching you grow and mature, you are the best princess warrior!  i can not believe you will be 7!!!!!  happy birthday, we LOVE you
 my girls watching the cake cutting then joey said to me" mom, i eat that cake!" and she did!
 papa enjoyed his ice cream. ha  charlie opening her card from us, a little funding for you trip to disney in aug
 sun morning, the kids enjoyed a little breaky that papa made for us. he keeps us fed, that he does! all the kids know where dad keeps the treats. haha
 we left after breaky to get home and get a few of the 1000 things that need to get done this week. ok, not exactly 1000 more like 12...
 joey falling asleep....she did great thou, i made her stay awake in the van until we got home and let her nap for 2 hrs...
the kids, chris and i had a great time visiting halifax.  i really enjoyed having chris come along with us.  it helps me with the work load with the kids! ha and i like having him around....