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another week

 i cant believe its thursday already. the days fly by so fast!  the weather is turning nice so we are out side again. i LOVE it, and it makes the kids so ready for bed at 6! hahaha

joey loves shopkins and animals. she tends to pick an animal and carry it with her for the day. the other night at supper i called her to the table and she brought her animals with her. haha
 i find im not taking many pics anymore, i wear a lot of outfits that dont have pockets and i dont bring my phone with me much. so im lacking in pics this week...oh well

i caught the girls playing yesterday morning and snapped a few pics
 they are so great together. they play so nice, sure they fight but for the amount of time we are together they spend way more time playing than fighting. im glad they have each other
 silly sisters
 we hit up the zoo yesterday. i LOVE that we can go before school lets out. its nice to have the zoo quiet with out kids. ha.  i get a few looks when ppl see nate, but so far no one has asked "why isnt he in school?" 

i let ellie read and follow the map yesterday. she did a GREAT job, she used the map and park signs to find the animals she wanted to see
 snack time at the park
 the tigers were out
 ellie was driving the truck
 then joey. nate is such a HUGE help and amazing brother. he helps them out most of the time before they even ask.  joey couldnt see out the window so nate loaned his lap to her
 visiting the newest addition to the park russia
 joey wasnt sure about these guys and the dog. ha
 talking to the train. for real, a full blown conversation
 ellie girl!
 the  most wonderful animal at the zoo??? the ANTS!
 see! look! ants!
 taking a break after visiting the lions.  the lions were up and walking around, roaring and putting on a show so we spent a lot of time up there watching them
 little jo
 towards the end of the visit, both girls went to the stroller. im thinking next time ill pack the dbl chariot.  i find with the weather getting hotter (YES!) they tire out more quickly...
 nate and i sat in the shade under the tree chatting and he got pooped on
 he was not impressed about this
 ellie joy!
so this week, for 2 nights in a row ellie has been throwing up!  there is a little flu bug at the house, all of us have scratchy throats, coughs and all achy but ellies been throwing up. more than twice. each night.  this makes lots of extra laundry, baths and lack of sleep.  chris, god bless him got up with ellie last night and cleaned up the second puke while i slept. THANK YOU!  during the day ellie's fine, its just at night while she's sleeping....but this too shall pass...

and with that, im out to finish up this week!  tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!