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part 3!

 after lunch we packed up and headed to cape enrage and fundy/alma for some AMAZING sticky buns and coffee....joey snuck a nap in
 visiting pebble beach. it was quite foggy and cloudy when we got there and SO cold. it was +14 but by the time we arrived in moncton 2 hrs later it was +28. go figure
 ursi warming ellie up
 chris and the kids
 ellie and ursi
 group shot
 more ellie
 another group shot minus jeff who was over here
 by himself
 i was there too
 i like this beach and we spent 40 mins there even though it was cold and raining. 
we headed to get the sticky buns and got home to have a bbq.  jeff and ursi left this morning for pei but plan on coming back thursday evening for some more cousin fun!

chris and i have truly enjoyed visiting with the wilsons.  and wish they lived closer. haha. cough. haha