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first fire!

 the weather was SO nice yesterday, i took the girls to the park and let nate stay home, we were gone for about 45 steps to letting him stay home alone. cant believe he will be 10! we had a snack on the deck before school started.  ellie was swinging and said "i love my hammock" haha  nice try, its MY hammock!

when chris came home from work we loaded the van up, really, we loaded it up! to start clearing the land for a place to put up a bug screen and fire pit
 see.  loaded up!
 ive been trying to get a pic of this tiny gold coin, chris put this in the ground awhile back, you have to look close to see what it is...
 its our property marker. c and m eighenheer. how cool is that? yes, chris made it!
 the girls got to watch more ants
 while we loaded up the wagon
 ellie ran off and we went to hunt a spot to clear for our little picnic area.  we went with my fav place, its in the back in the trees
 chris and nate clearing a spot to set up the bug tent
 so last week i bought this dandy. its a bug net JACKET!  LOVE it
 dont care how silly i look, i dont want bugs on me
 while chris and nate cleared the land, the girls had a little snack, it was supper time so they were quit hungry
 little jo!
 once we (chris) cleared a spot, we all helped set up the tent
 ellie did some play thou. ha
 life is just FUN
 eigenheer team work!
 the tent is a great size, i need to (ok chris) will come up with a way to keep the bugs out from coming in through the gap at the bottom. ill bring some citronella  candles next time. but it did help with the bugs
 the girls had another snack
 silly sisters
 we (ok chris) set up the fire pit. we decided to not start a fire on the ground. it makes me nervous, with the girls around and with well, the province wide burn ban in place. ha.  i cooked hot dogs on the fire and used cardboard from the box the fire pit came in as plates. bec i forgot them. haha
 joey didnt care. she ate them all up
 ellie cooked her hot dog. i had her sit as far back as possible. ha
 naye made his.  i threw the rest on the top of the fire pit. ha it worked
 it was late at this point, the kids were getting tired
 i found them like this
 so blessed
 chris put the fire out.  i was super nervous to leave it and had nightmares that we burnt down the property!
 we all watched
 then it was time to get joey
man, can she ever get dirty!
 i found her like this
 good to the last drop
 all ready to go home!
we left the fire pit, tent and chair out there for next time. the plan is to build a storage shed that we can pack our stuff away. im just hoping no one finds it and destroys it.  the land is quite remote but there is an trail close by that is used...praying its all going to be left alone
 bug head hat. dont care. no bug spray on my face. i really liked the jacket
 one quick stop to take measurements for the septic field
 dirty, tired but happy girl
 ellie was so very tired
 both kids were out cold 5 mins after i put them to bed! 
 today was our last day of school!  i hope to get time next week to pluck away at the school room, i need to pack stuff away, pull out new stuff and get ellie's area ready cause she's starting k in the fall!!!
 ellie hasnt been feeling well the last few days, this morning she put herself to bed while i was in the shower and slept for 1.5 hrs.  she woke up telling me "im feeling better" and ate...but she's still laying around...joey asked for a nap at 10 this morning, then went and got her blanket and told me it was sleep time. haha  being outdoors DOES make you tired
i really had a great time last night. im still scared to dream about the cabin. it was so quiet out there, just us. i loved it...even thou the bugs were bad! 

and its FRIDAY!!!  have a great day everyone!


Ursi said...

Looking forward to check out the property with you guys. And I'm gonna have to get meself one of them bug jackets. I hate bugs!...But they love me.