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 so, for WEEKS and i mean WEEKS ive planned on taking the kids to the zoo.  each and EVERY time it RAINED.  i checked the weather last night and it was calling for +18 with NO rain.  so i planned a zoo day.  when i woke up this am, it was RAINING!!!  i was so frustrated.  around noon it cleared up and i decided  to stick with the plan.  i looked up the prices and i figured it was way cheaper to get a season i surprised the kids with this!  we get to go ALL summer!  after 4 visits the rest will be free...

we spent 3 HOURS at the zoo and only did 1/2 of it!  nate was more my helper and chat pal than zoo enthusiast, but the girls, the girls LOVED it. we saw bears, the mama bear and her baby
 see! bears!
 and ellie spotted this!  ostrich eggs in the nest!  2 eggs, i told the kids we will come back next week to check on them
 joey holding her zebra, watching the zebras.
 she carried this zebra with her all day. yesterday her choice of animal was a mini dino and a pig. haha
 ohhhhh zebras
 while having a snack at the park, nate mapped out the rest of the visit. father son much?
 silly pics
 ellie being ellie
 joey copying
 nate joining in
 so blessed with this crew
 more silly antics
 so this little pad was the highlight of my visit today. SO fun. 
 i remembered when nate and i would go to the zoo together every thursday and he LOVED the fish pond. the fish have been relocated to this spot. and nate was so thrilled to see them. truly brought back memories. of the times it was just us. 
 the guinea pig pen.  oh my. SO cute!  it was a little village of these smelly little animals.ha
 the colored chickens! they were pink, blue, yellow and green
after this we hit up the reptile pad then the rain hit and we headed home

totally fun for a friday afternoon and i reminded nate "if you were in school you would be sitting at a desk right now"....

and that is a very quick peek into our week!

-seriously, this visit to the zoo brought me back to those days when it was just nate and i.  i am so very grateful that it was just us for 5 yrs. and im amazed by how different my life is now.  im so happy to have had the girls. what fun and life they bring to the family. im so very glad we had them. and im blessed to have had those yrs with just nate....