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pt 2

 joey was full of dirt and i mean from head to toe! and a bit of a hot mess by the time we left the land. haha
 one of the stories i read to ellie this week was about a puppy who saved the day by catching a robber and was rewarded with a jeweled dog collar.  after talking to her she told me that she wished she had one too. so i got creative with what i had on hand and together we made this bad boy
 ellie with her jeweled puppy collar
 making a silly face
 this morning, while it RAINED. nate and i sat on the couch and talked.  we heard joey playing away and found her like this.  hahaha.  2 non matching shoes, fixing her baby cart
 these moments im thankful that im home to see the kids with their silly, fun play
 close up of her working the wrench and matching (non) shoes