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the land

 joey went right to the property marker.  and played in the dirt
 see. gotta get dirty
 as we approached the property chris noticed truck tracks going into the land.  my heart sank.  we were hoping it was the sewage guys out checking on our application.  as we walked deeper into the property we knew it wasnt them, the trees were quite damaged....we went to the backhoe, it was still there but the jerry cans and diesel were missing. i had nate run to the tent and check out the damage....they left all our gear but moved the fire pit to drive further past our property.  i was happy they left the tent and our supplies....but i was stunned by how violated i felt

we stopped and all held hands and prayed over the ppl who stole and trespassed on our land.  and we spent a good 3 hrs enjoying the evening, but i spent most of it precessing how violated i felt

it took me back to florida in 08 when the rental house we were in was robbed.  i hate feeling the lack of control. and fear that they will come back and do more damage.  we havent even started to build yet, what else will they do?

but onto the visit...

the girls made friends with the slugs and snails
 and they really got into them...ignore nates face. ha
 supper.  it took almost an hr to cook these bad boys, they were 4 different flavours.  i manned the fire while chris cut down trees to block the path to the land
 its still a beautiful view
 the girls played hat while supper was cooking
 and again
i sat and manned the fire, processing all the emotions i felt with out showing the kids how upset i was
 chris came back, and we talked more about life....and were amazed by how wonderful the birds were. we had the kids sit and be quiet while we listened to them sing to each other
 so! i FINALLY found a bug off that WORKS!!!!  i put the cream on at the house, and when i got to the land i sprayed the liquid on my clothes and hair.  i woke up this morning with only 1 tiny bite at the back of my pants...i forgot to apply there. but other than that NO bug bites!!!!! AND it smells good!!!  totally worth the money! thanks ursi for telling me about it
 roasting marshmallows. notice the long stick.  hahaha. safety first.  im thinking ill pack a spray chalk and bring it out next time we go, a=making a circle where they can not pass
 more supper cooking
 it was so nice out, little bugs, birds and i tried my best to not stay upset
 nate discovering how sticky marshmallows are...on his face, hat and shoes
 walking to the back of the lot to see how far these ppl went....
 little country girl
 looks like the back into this tree. and we know the truck is black
 more damage
 truck tracks, they just plowed over the trees!
 more tracks
 looks like they got stuck in a hole
 but im still smiling. its still my happy place
 the backhow wasnt touched, the jerry cans were behind the front bucket
 more damage
 chris cut down these logs to block the path, im thinking chris should cut more down
 pushing the wagon out, from now on we will just carry our stuff and leave the wagon at home
 we drove up to the neighbour, he was surprised and shocked this happened to us.  hes been out there for 10 yrs and havent had anything happen to his property. he hopped on his atv and drove out to check the damage out...he seems like a great guy
 trying to entertain 2 tired girls, it was 8 at this point...
 i slept very little last night, i was awake most the night processing and dealing with all the emotions.  this morning chris ordered 6 deer cameras that will be here next week so we will have video if anything happens also kinda interested to see what goes on out there and what animals we see
 nate made me a snack this am.  a silly face, like i use to make for him!
 my crew this am
 my little lady
 joey called out "look mom!"
 very pleased with herself
and that was a peek into our weekend!