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outside play

the kids set up a little fort in the wood with all their stuff. SO cute. i love outdoor, free play.  it sparks the imagination!
cry's back yard. love it!
the boys showing me ben's tree
quinn marked this tree for ben. he made aunty cry. i will never forget you my son
taking a stroll in the woods
we had a great weekend up in halifax.  chris took fri off and we went to the valley for the day with the older kids.  sat and sun we chilled and enjoyed family time.  the kids play so well together, its nice to watch them grow and mature.  the boys are getting so old now!  8 yrs this summer.  has it really been that long? 

so thankful for such an amazing life.  through it all, he's there

Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you... 2 comments


the boys kept themselves busy by creating new games to play, while charlie had her hockey practice
she is doing so much better than the last time i saw her!  love that she plays hockey!
you go girl!
then we hit up inside out, such an awesome movie!  nate enjoyed it
then we spent the rest of the day at home, enjoying the kids and family.  papa got the wagon ready for the girls
and took them for a drive, while i had a picnic with quinn
nate found a sword thingy and decided to chop down trees
such a boy he is!


water park

 the big kids hit the water slide, the younger kids hit up the paddle pool
 naters joined in after he finished with the slide
 it was cold water!
 the boys helping ellie cross, she was a bit scared
 leaving the park after a fun filled day!
 5 min later shes out
and out drops the sooky. haha 0 comments

more upper

 silly faces
 the park is nestled in the heart of the valley and is so beautiful to walk the valley!
 group shot!
 the kids trying out the dangling ladder. nate did it! 
 almost done!
 ellie went with chris
 lunch time entertainment...oya...haha
nate showing me his penguin move. love this kid 0 comments

more upper clements

 ellie rode the "big wheel" with daddy
 ellie drove chris around in the truck, i watched from above
 ellie then took uncle shawn on the big wheel and held his hand to make sure he was ok
 charlie girl!
the girls, minus ellie 0 comments

upper clements

 ellie watched with me as the big kids rode the rides she could not. she didn't mind, she enjoyed watching them have fun and cheered from the side lines
 ellie got to play lazer tag with us!! so cute
 her outfit was almost as big as herself!
 the boys rode rides
 ellie and i flew a plane
 ellie drove a big truck!
 nate was much appreciative for the ride


hali pt 1

 the girls playing with the outside houses. they love these things.
 fri morning, we took the kids to upper clements park in annapolis valley (so pretty!)  n.s. its a good 2 hr drive from hali, and its been 23 YRS since ive been there.  it brought back memories...of a lifetime ago, one with total freedom, 100% selfishness, a me centered life...NOT that anything is wrong with that!!!i was 18 ish...haha BUT i would not trade it for anything!

we got the kids dressed and i realised that i they all matched, it was NOT planned but from now on, i am so going to this. it was so easy to stay together as a group!
 some how, cry and i ended up in the van with ALL the kids!  the men drove together. hahaha
 nate doing what he always does!!! he is such a mini chris.  looking at the map! then he got a paper copy to carry around!
 the kids. mom and dad offered to keep jo for the day. i was reluctant at first bec, when i bought and booked the trip, i planned on bringing johana.  but i decided to leave her with them. SO glad.  mom and dad had a great day with their last grand baby girl.  their baby watching days are almost over!
checking her cute 0 comments