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the week round up

 i gotta say my drawing skills have improved.  chris called and asked me what i was doing. i said im drawing a picture of a whale being attacked by a giant squid, for nate's science. hahaha not too bad hu!  hahahaha

we finished up our unit study on vikings. nate even made his first ever, not to be the last, project! i was mutcho impressedo with him.  this is from a kid who hates coloring, cutting, gluing and art!  he created a pop up viking village!  (yes dad, nate needs a hair cut and he got it thurs night. ha)
 ellie did some bingo dabbing practice. i gave her the dabbers and told her to try and hit each circle. she did a great job!
 nate woke me up thursday morning with a coffee! dude, you are awesome!
 my little jo jo bean
 so happy. such a delight.
 the kids were randy friday morning, so i packed them up and went to the skate park, we picked up dad along the way and i drank my coffee at 9:30! sob sob (it was a busy morning, no time for mom's breaky!)  chris and i ate bagels (pretzel bagels DELISH!) and drank coffee while the kids ran around!
 ellie sliding down the "slide" and ruined her pants doing it. oh well
 yeah for the skate park!
so, ellie has stopped napping. sob sob. haha  normally i do nates one on one when shes napping. so this week, i told her she has to have quiet time in her bed. its works like a charm!  she reads her books for about an hour or so, then i get her up.  nate and i are able to get his work in, in some quiet and she is occupied.  i wonder how next year will pan out?

i am slowly putting away grade 2 and pulling out grade 3.  im working on a plan of sorts for the new year. i hope to have everything done and ready by the end of july. so i can chill and enjoy aug

nate is done everything but science, once he's finished up science he will be done for the yr.  i plan on having him read a lot this summer.  im thinking he cant get his tablet until he's read a chapter or 2 each morning...not sure....anyways!

its been another week!  life is good!