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this and that

 i planted a few herbs in random jars i found around the house.  i don't have the time, will or energy at this time to have a garden.  one day i will!  but for now, my tiny herbs will do. ha.  ellie helped me and she actually really helped! 
 she did all the dirt in the jars, then put the seeds in, covered them up and added water. now we have to wait for the sun to do it's job
 when the kids get home from school and by kids i mean the neighborhood kids, they usually are in the back yard.  this gal, pushing ellie around is at my door at 2:50 every. single. day. and stays until i boot her out. ha i don't mind.  ellie likes her and as long as the kids listen to me, and lay low on the fighting, they can come around!
 ellie has my toes!!! hahahaha
 thurs night i ran out to grab a few things for nate's science project.i came home to this.  chris DUCT TAPED HER BOTTLE TO THE BUMBO CHAIR so she could feed her self....i was like, my baby!!!! she needs to be snuggled while fed, its the best part of my day! 
 i spent last week going through nates stacks of books, purging and putting away.  i laughed when i saw his planner for this week. you know when you are getting close to finishing when you see the days of the week crossed out, over and take days off....hahaha
 then i found this gem.  i laughed. he did this last yr i think?  i tossed the book out when he told me he hated it. 
 my little angle baby johana
 some sidewalk chalking
the weather has been so weird. some days cold, raining then super hot....confusing and keeping us guessing on whats coming up!

and that's a wrap!