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baby in the corner!

 jo is sliding around now.  she backs herself in the corner and smiles and yells "HI YA MAMA"
i love her. she is the most laid back baby out of the 3  she's the last to do everything, she is going at her own pace and smiles the whole time.  she cut 1 more tooth this wk. so we have 4 out! and i see 2 more at the gum line. she is the tiniest too. which is fine with me, i love her baby legs. i am so glade to be able to sit back and truly enjoy her

i think it's different with her, bec the more kids you have the more chill you become. i know that nothing is forever, babies and kids grow and change and no matter what, everything will be ok....and ive learned to have a general flow with how i want the day to go but its ok to toss that out the window and switch plans on the fly...i think jo's taught me that...enjoy the baby yr, bec its over so fast and life will settle down again

and im saying that with a toddler. hahaha

happy fri everyone!