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mom's night out!

 my beautiful ellie!
 again, it was raining yesterday and nates friends were at day care. so i gave him a box with odd and ends and told him to build something.  he made a space ship. but unfortch, jo got to it and it is demolished. hahaha  nate thought it was funny, so glad he responded so well!
 last night. my sis came up from saint john, shes been working down there all week in this fancy car.  she picked me up and we went out....i ran errands. hahahaha. i suck. but then we went to one of my fav restaurants, pastelli's and we dined and chatted
 our APPY!  oh my it was HUGE
 nate went for a ride too, he looks so tiny!!
 there goes my boy
 i loved the car. if i had a gillion dollars, i would totally get one!
 i found baby this morning all tucked in.  awesome job ellie. she had a great sleep!
and on a awesome note, we finished school this week!!!!!  i cleaned out and up the school room and ordered the last of nates books. then all i need is a few hrs alone to write out a plan for next yr and go through the books.  im on summer vacation!!!!