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so cold!

yesterday, it was redic cold, +9 at 1 pm!  i bundled the kids up to get outside and play for a bit.  i cant believe the girls had JACKETS and BLANKETS on in MAY! 

nate checked out the new plants and flowers
the girls stayed tucked in
until nate started working on building a viking village, ellie came out to help
i was so happy!  we spent the morning, with both girls in the school room reading about vikings. i wasnt sure how much info he actually took in, with all the commotion going on.  but when we went outside he built a viking house, using the materials he found around and explained to me how to make a viking house then explained a viking settlement! yeah!  he got it! 
jo came out for some fresh air.  see her 2 teeth!  and megga drool, another tooth is almost out!
still working away

i should have taken a after pic. but i was cold and wanted to get home

i got the idea that im going to get nate to do some more on hand projects for school!  he likes being outside and using nature to create

i truly am so grateful that we live in a country that allows home education!