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science fair pt 1

 reviewing his project with dad before we left. 

we had our first annual (there will be another one next yr) science fair last fri.  ive skipped out of most fairs, to be honest, it seemed like a lot of added work for me, ha, but when the science fair came up, i knew it would be the best way to intro into the world of fairs. anyways. i asked chris to take nate, chris is able to have 6 hrs of school related leave each yr for school stuff.  so chris took nate. we did the project as a family BUT nate did is part in creating and presenting
 at the fair! nate and his display

the projects were AMAZING. i was blown away, most of my pics didnt turn was hard to take pics when jo was jumping in my arms. ha

this guys project was 2 tables long and was a complete set up!
 great idea!
 loved the creative touch on this one, the rockets were built out of legos
 2 sisters made this one all by themselves!!!
 the girls came too
 nate and his buddy
 this dude BUILT a sound reflector!
 the girls!