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 yeah, this is how chris feeds johana when im not around
LOVE him in the back ground
this is what i came home to sun, after taking ellie out
its so chris!  good thing i love him!
 mon, jo was being a bit cranky, hence the sooky, (she was woken from her nap TWICE in 1 day) and nate offered to hold her while i cleaned out the closet.  he was such a huge help! 
 jo just sat there, i was thankful for the extra hands that helped
 how we spend mornings, hahaha
 jo can now sit up on her own from laying down.  shes not crawling yet, but is almost there. i am NOT in a rush about that!
 ellie gets her sass from me!
 and her adorableness too
 going in to get her up each morning is a family thing around here
my mini me!


wk-eigenheer said...

Grossi likes this young boy!!..And what a good helper for mom!
love you all. Grossi