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more kids

 leave the room for 1 min and come back to flyers all over the floor! jo jo bean!
 ellie painted a bird house the other day. i timed her, i wanted to see how different she would be to nate at this age. she took 20 MINUTES to paint her bird house!  she took such care and time into it
 the concentration!
 my little jo. such a happy baby
 playing dress up with ellie
 just another happy baby
 my girls!
 a mini me and cry!
 jo now likes to feed herself but i dont let her. i still hold her, much to her dismay
 all too soon and it will be over
we are in a good groove. im learning to let things slide more, going with the flow, not getting upset that it's 2 and we haven't started school and most of all, im not looking at what others are doing!

the school yr is wrapping up.  and to be honest, im glad!  i want to throw school time to the wind (minus the chatter time i have with nate) and just chill and enjoy the sun. when we have it.  the plan is next fri will be our last day! no matter where we are at book wise.  we deserve a break!

and with that, my break time is over.  the kids want food AGAIN. ha!


Jeff Wilson said...

thanks for sharing your kids with us, through the many pictures!! Ive been very remiss with taking pics lately. Ill have to get that camera out again.
Got my basement set up, now comes the fun stuff - decorating, getting those ABSs, 123s, months of the year, etc up on the walls.
Both girls were given an old school desk (Jeff says they're just like the ones he had in elementary school). Well see how that works out. My curriculum in in the mail, yay!!
Lots of love, Ursi

wk-eigenheer said...

How the kids grow. Thanks Melanie that you update us so faithful !!I want to hug this sweet little girls. Enjoy your summer break .It is a lot of preparation and work behind you. Have fun. Love from Muetti