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blast from the past

how fast they grow!


mr man and daddy

nathaniel and i went to pick up chris at the airport. nathaniel loves the airport, prob due to the fact that he adores planes. we live close to the airport and hear planes all day, much to nate's delight. i also like hearing the planes. in sasky chris and i lived under the main flight path for the 'toon airport and it reminds me of those first few years. sheer delight!

so, i started packing last night, washed my florida clothes. i am looking at the basket of shorts, tanks, bikini's and sun dresses to fold for i peek out the window i am starting at white, fluffy, cold snow, falling oh so wonderfully from the white sky.....blah. i am done with winter. done. i want summer. i want cute sundresses and i want my flip flops! it's not in the cards for today, so i am off to bundle my boy up and make a snow man.

a visit from the carroll bunch

so last weekend...yeah, yeah. i am late with the pic posting. my family came up from halifax for a wee little visit. we did lots of fun things. like work out.
then we read some books

did some sliding

played with some toys

and hung out.
then hugged good-bye. a good time by all.
i loved my parents coming up. it was magical to have a full sat to hang with chris. we shopped, lunched and movied. it was wonderful. the weekend visit came at a great time, chris flew out sunday afternoon for ottawa for the week. i had a nice break before being a singleton for the week. thanks mom and dad for the rest!


potty break

i put nathaniel on the potty, gave him some manly reading material (princess auto catalogue) and left him while i cleaned up the kitchen. after a min i heard him sing and babbling away. i peeked around the corner and there he sat, kicking his legs, reading the catalogue having a grand ol'time. he also took his pants off. and no, he is not potty trained, not even close.

salvation for sale

while browsing my local and oh so fab-ou-lous kijiji, i found the following item for sale (clicky on the linky)

so, after thinking and brain storming with chris we have decided to go into this angel biz.

so starting today, at the new introductory can buy your salvation from me for $2999.99. get in on this amazing deal, today only. i can guarantee your eternal life will be spent in heaven.

ha! seriously, how sad. 0 comments

walking with nathaniel

when we got home from our walk, i asked nathaniel to put his boots away. i turned my back as i heard him pick up his boots and walk to the closet. i then hung up our jackets, turned around and saw where nathaniel "put away" his boots. not in the closet, not lined up like he normally does beside the closet but 1 on top of 1, in the corner between the front door and closet. little stinker.
the walk was to rough on the poor dude, he had to take frequent rest stops along the way. ha.


nate the head banger

i found this jem tonight and i could not stop laughing. i watched about 5 times back to back, laughing the whole time. ha. it was taken back in julyish. man, nate looked so little! enjoy!


this is how nate stays in shape

about a monthish or so ago, mr. man asked daddy to put him on the treadmill and just for fun we started it up on a .5+3.5 incline, just to see what he would do. and guess what he did. he walked and walked and walked....and loves it. he watches his video's and works out. just like daddy and mommy. seriously, every few days he will ask to go on it, and not just for a min or two. last night he did over 10 mins! that's my boy!


finished loft

i know i have posted pics of the loft in the past so humor me.....this time it's some what cleaned and organized! whee! i spent 2 hrs last night and a good hour today cleaning and putting the final touch on the playroom.
the above pic is the built in storage that chris built (he is such a smarty pants) i sorted nathaniel's toys and placed them in the baskets by category :) the top shelf is my children's ministry stuff, paper etc.. the second shelf is also mine :) it has some planning books, craft ideas and books that nathaniel can't have yet...cause he will rip the pages.
this pic is the wall across the above pic. i also have 2 huge closets to hide more stuff. on the left is these cool lime green storage shelves that i snagged off kijiji for 5 bucks. it's actually a funny story how i got was a friend of mine who posted it on kijiji for super cheap, i called her and yelled at her for 1-selling them way too cheap and 2-not letting me come over to pick out what else i wanted. she made some money off of me :)
i need to get cool, fun material to sew some curtains for the windows now.

on the left is my work station. it's getting there. i need to clean it out still.

the t.v wall, across from the t.v is the treadmill. the treadmill is going to be moved downstairs when the basement is finished.
so there ya go. it's clean, it's organized and now i can rotated the toys. yes, every few months i switch the toys around so nate doesn't get bored.
i use this room the most (next to the kitchen) it's perfect to play, work and it's awesome for play dates.....i can keep the mess contained. i discovered an added bonus tonight-the mats can be steamed cleaned :)


laundry and uncle jon

i had just finished folding 3 loads of laundry, i took a basket upstairs and when i came back down i found my little helper waiting for me.

yep, he took an arm load of towels and was waiting for me to give them to me.

who can get mad when you are greeted with such a huge smile. :)

we had some friends over fri night, jon and jess came early to hang with naters. jon got suckered into reading to nathaniel. some how i don't think jon minds much.

a self photo of me and my boy. i take all the pics so i don't get many with nate.
we had a great weekend. i spent most of yesterday at the church doing my quarterly photo-copying. we taught today and had one of the best classes yet. we are finally seeing some of our fruits of hard labour.
wed night is the first night of our torchlighter series. i am excited as well as the kids. it's going to be a good time.


getting dug out

finally the digger thingy arrived to chip away the 3' wall of ice that formed in front of our street
the digger thing would chip the ice and the scooper thing would take it away.

wheee such fun nathaniel and i had running from window to window watching, waving, making brrr, grrrr, varoom noises (that would be nathaniel making the noises not me)

it took over 2 hrs for them to get us out. i was trapped in the house for 2 whole, long days! our street is not paved so now it's full of pot holes, ice and red mud. i see the red mud and get island flash backs.
as soon as we were dug out, i threw nate in the car and went to get FOOD. i was living on frozen crap. i could not wait to get lettuce, carrots, apples...anything fresh. i made a mean salad last night for snack. yum.


tim time

bored with our normal breaky restaurant, we took nate to good old dependable tim's to indulge.
ok, i am beyond tired of winter. i get that we need a winter season to dry up and kill everything so that it can come back better. blah. seriously, i think it's time to more on. i am done with winter and the cold, the snow, the storms and most important. waking up and checking the weather to see if one can leave the house. blah. god, please bring spring. i need me some sun.
sun you say? where can that be found? hummm florida maybe? well i hope the sun will be out in full bloom from april 4-11 because nathaniel will be joining me in florida to hang out with mickey again. i know i said i will not be going back until nate is 5 but i got a smoking deal. like really cheap. since i am responsible with my money how could i pass up that great of a deal? ha. disney here i come....again! wheee!
jess and i went to veronique's shower last night (yep driving in a storm to get there) we had a great time. i love wee little babies. so cute. so tiny. i brought my camera but forgot to take pictures. ha.
so, off i go to spend another day in the house. i am stuck due to the weather. my road has 6" tire marks made out of ice and is not drivable until the developer gets out here and plows it flat. what a mess!