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waterfowl park!

 this morning we joined up with the local moncton secular home school group and went on a field trip to sackville's water fowl park. its about 15 mins from memramcook, so chris and i have been there many times in the past when we lived in memramcook....but this was my first guided tour. i actually learned a lot!  it was great weather, not too hot, not too cold. the kids were well behaved and my friend came with me and i had someone to talk to!  great morning out!

see joey peeking out the side window. haha
 looking at the museum park
 my naters
 my ellie
this is funny. ellie was in the stroller and watched nate and his friend m walk together. i think m got too close cause the next thing we saw was ellie jumping out of the stroller, running over to nate, grabbed his hand and went walking with him....leaving m behind.  aralee and i laughed so much. too funny to watch!
 ellie taking her rightful spot. beside her brother. hahaha
 but nate and m got back together again....bird watching

 n and m together
 joey!  must you roll in the dirt????
 ellie joined too. notice nates arms around ellie making sure she was ok before he let her go
and that was our hump day!  how was yours? 0 comments

joey eats!

 giving joey food, or rather anything will always end up  in a mess....joey eating yogurt and toast. why not put the yogurt on the toast???
 mmmmmm messes are my specialty!
 why not smash it all over the chair too?!?! 
 me?  messy?  never!  and she went straight to the bath!
 i made a new back door display for the girls on the weekend.  they like it!  its just cut out apples, with stickers of the alphabet and the lower case letter.  ellie know's her abc's she learned them when she was 2 but every once and awhile she mixes up the lower case letters so its good to have her practice or rather "teach joey" joey likes pointing to the pictures and telling me what they are. 
 lots of pointing and sharing going on
and to think this was soo easy to make!
 joey dancing in the car to the tunes
 all by herself!  my friend a is back in town, so we met up at the water park yesterday afternoon. the kids played so nicely, so we decided to book another date on the spot for net week.  the girls spent most of the afternoon in the splash pad
 last night before bed ellie made a bed for joey and herself
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 nate came up with the idea of going to a park today. ellie was over the moon with going to see the ducks. i took chris's van, and gave him my there was enough room to load up the bike and chariot. we chose mapleton and the weather was nice and cloudy. not too hot....then the sun burned off the clouds and BOOM it was so HOT out!  ha.. we didnt mind.....nate had a great idea!!! we had so much fun and agreed to come again!
 biking boy, taking off
 my little girls feeding the ducks
 trying to keep joey from jumping in the lake
point point
 my girls!
 so thankful i can spend my days with my kids
 almost gone
nate had so much fun riding all over the trails
 taking a break because it was SO hot out!  joey pointing to everything. talk about sensory over load. in a good way!
driving home i took a detour and discovered my new dream home! i LOVE this house. everything i want!! wrap around porch, a school room over the garage and a mud room. i would love to see the inside!!  dreaming is good!
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summer days!

 ellie asked to play in the sprinkles. so we did
so fun!
 last night, i bbq'd fish. we dont normally eat fish, but its so healthy and good for you that i wanted to try it.  i bought some in july and put it in the freezer. feeling quite overwhelmed with the task of

1- cooking it
2- having my fam jam like it

so, yesterday i felt up to the challenge and i cook it. i made my own marinade. i used real lemons, salt, pepper and some all spice and i bbq'd them on low for about 45 mins

o. m. goodness

oh. my goodness

it was SOOOOO good. i ate one, nate ate one, ellie ate TWO!!!!  and we all agreed that we LOVE FISH!!!!

score!!! cant wait to try rainbow trout!
 this afternoon during nap time,  i took advantage of nate being at his friends place and took ellie up to start my school prep.  she sat down, took out the patternables and went to work creating master pieces. i am blown away by discovering my kids. just when i think i MIGHT have figured them out. nope, they change!!! ellie sat down and made pictures with nate's old blocks, for a good 30 mins. BY HERSELF!!! solid gold in my books! and she did them right! by herself!!!!
 we love this picnic table dad and mom. so glad you gifted it to us. 
 my little ellie. love this girl
 proud of her work
 winking at you


new day! new park!

 there is nothing more wonderful than watching your little with her daddy
sharing secrets
holding her heart
 with a freaking cheerio! stuck to her leg!
 my crew
 close up of the cheerio!
 when did my BABY grow into a little girl!
 after the park, we hit up the library. it was so hot out. there is nothing like relaxing, with a book and your big brother on a hot august afternoon
 silly antics!
 more grrrrrrr
 and can we make this awesome summer day more awesome by hitting up the local mcdee's for fries, burgers and a/c!
 love her SO much. so GRATEFUL we had her!