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camp fire

 cry, shawn and charlie joined us thurs night for the camp fire night at camp.  this was a total surprise for quinn! he had no idea they were coming and it was super fun to watch him realized they were there. camp fire is basically a display of what the kids do that week.  each group did a skit, there was songs and roasting marshmallows....which we skipped cause we bribed the kids with ice cream in exchange for staying longer.....cause the 1 hr and 15 mins show was LONG enough. hahaha
 shawn with his happy face
 mother daughter
 the boys skit.  it was cute and apparently the boys made it up.  quinn and nate had 2 of the 3 speaking parts and they did a great job
 love the boys peeking over the hill
 nate has the bright orange hat on. quinn wore the bright blue shirt
 the koala boys, week 6, 2016!
 lol.  crazy kids
 i entertained charlie by taking her for walks
 the whole camp at the last song and the last story
 how come the boys were center at the top of the hill?????
 ellie and charlie enjoyed a quiet morning as nate and quinn were in camp
 these girls are SO quiet!!!!  nothing like the boys, they just go off and play!