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this week

 the weather was so nice this week, i think we used the pool everyday.  we normally have a bbq supper on the deck, then hit the pool.  i even went in last night. the water was so warm!  we were hoping that it would encourage ellie to be more comfortable in the water, she is getting there. but little joey has no fear!  i stripped her down (all the neighbors are away) and let her go buck. she loved it.  then, she told us she had to "poop" so i took her out and guess what? she peed!  but im still not training her....ha
 great hand placement joey!
 running to daddy
 no fear
 we also went to a few parks, almost every day. actually every day, and once we went to 2 parks.  im getting our fill for being outside cause soon the weather will be too cold
 little joey was cold, so i put ellies coat on her. she is totally growing up too fast
 why not sit in the dirt, roll around and throw it all over yourself!
 and look cute doing it
 ellie climbing like the big kids
 another day, another park
 ellie pretending to be an animal behind a cage
 joey joined in
 peeky boo!
 nate received his book and 10.00 American to spend on his trip, right on his birthday!  thank you nana and papa plumps! 
 i got a cake for the kids on nates birthday.  i wanted to make the day special even thou we already had the party.  the kids loved the treat of a cake. after cake, chris and nate went bowling and out for supper at swiss chalet.  nate's perfect birthday.  he got everything he likes, bowling, tim hortons lemonade, cake, swiss chalet AND time with dad!
 i turned away and came back to this. JOEY!  she tossed hr fork away and ate the cake with her fingers. good thing she was already having a bath that night. what a mess but she had a great time...and enjoyed her cake
 when fingers wont work, licking the plate is the best for to pick up those last pieces and crumbs. haha
 the after math
 we hit up the library yesterday. i asked nate what he wanted to do, he choose the library. i was ok with hanging out in an air conditioned building.  and chris even popped by

nate actually played
 then, joey pooped and i didnt bring the diapers with me. actually i dont ever take diapers with me or even have a diaper bag! i keep spares in my glove box.  so i sent nate to the car to get them for me other wise i would have had to pack all the kids up, walk around the building to the back parking lot, get the diaper and drag the kids back in the building.  nate was up to the task, and we watched him for some of the trip through the window.  i LOVE having an older kid!  he is such a huge help to me!
 joey watched too
 ellie played
 and joey
 and puzzles were done. laying on the floor
 love them
 my little joey bird.
and it was another busy week.  now im getting the boys ready for their trip and the girls ready for ours....and toss some family visits in the mix and we will have a great time! ha


wk-eigenheer said...

Thanks for your blog Melanie !! For the "boys" save trip and see you soon. Have a wonderful time too Melanie and girls !! Love you all !