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joey eats!

 giving joey food, or rather anything will always end up  in a mess....joey eating yogurt and toast. why not put the yogurt on the toast???
 mmmmmm messes are my specialty!
 why not smash it all over the chair too?!?! 
 me?  messy?  never!  and she went straight to the bath!
 i made a new back door display for the girls on the weekend.  they like it!  its just cut out apples, with stickers of the alphabet and the lower case letter.  ellie know's her abc's she learned them when she was 2 but every once and awhile she mixes up the lower case letters so its good to have her practice or rather "teach joey" joey likes pointing to the pictures and telling me what they are. 
 lots of pointing and sharing going on
and to think this was soo easy to make!
 joey dancing in the car to the tunes
 all by herself!  my friend a is back in town, so we met up at the water park yesterday afternoon. the kids played so nicely, so we decided to book another date on the spot for net week.  the girls spent most of the afternoon in the splash pad
 last night before bed ellie made a bed for joey and herself
and that was a quick peek into my week so far