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 *ignore the can in shawns hand. cough....hahaha  we had such a great visit with shawn and cry, and her crew.  fri night cry and i went to a movie, so FUN!
 but before the movie, we had pizza at out place and joey chilled with her aunty and uncle
 look at miss charlie GO! i was so impressed with her mad swim skills. she has changed SO much the last yr in the water!!!! go charlie girl! aunty adores you!!!!!
 laugh my butt off. lol this is shawn in his "man, im out of shape"pic...lolololol  LOVE the goggles!
 close up of this awesomeness!
 this morning, nate and i went to meet up with aunty and her crew for a mid morning swim. this is nate in the elevator.  eating pizza and wearing flip shoes. i asked him after the swim why he was wearing them. he said "because you told me not to go bare foot in public"

so funny. i high fived him for obeying me

i love this dude!!!
i am so glad glad god gave me this kid to raise. what a challenge, what a joy, what a hoot.  exactly what i needed. thank you jesus for my nate. thank you

and that wrapped up our birthday celebrations!