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this and that

 we promised ellie all day on monday that we would take her to the park, and wouldnt you know it, as we put the girls in their seats the skies opened and it poured rained.  ellie, being her typical self was completely ok with coming up with a back up plan....hitting bass pro shops...where we watched the fish, hung out in front of the cozy fire and relaxed....joey explored everything
 and wanted to pet the bear
 so fun!

ellie posing at the park....such a fun girl
 another pose
 my crazy crew
 the water in the pool was amazing 28, so the kids played for almost 2 hours.  nate was in the water the whole time, joey was in for a good hour, ellie was in and out
 tossing water is fun!
 then joey found her own pool
 i walked into the living room this morning and found the kids like this....the girls were spanking nate. haha
 nate took up on a tour to his fort.  nate and his friend down the street spend a lot of time on this vacant lot, they build structures, dig iin the dirt and come home tired and full of stories....the girls enjoyed visiting nates secret fort
 the fort base, the boys spent yesterday building it
 the girls off to find more rocks for nate
 my boy!
 after the fort inspection we hit up the local park. it was quiet for the first bit, then the kids from the neighborhood joined little ellie, wearing nates hat
 love her
i am counting the days until we start school again.  i know we are getting closer because my inbox is filling up with things to do with the kids with the local home school groups. man!  i cant get over how many activities there are!  unfortach, nate is not interested in almost all of them and the girls are a bit too young to join im not sure what out extra activities will be.....i ran out of toner last week, and im patiently waiting the arrival of the new order to start my back to school prep.  im guessing i have about 6 hrs of work to do...most of it will be photocopying, laminating, sorting and reading....then organizing nates school cart....i dont plan on introducing curric with ellie. i feel that she is best suited to learn with just play, and reading books with her. lots of books. she is in the school room for most of nates lessons and listens to im just gonna kick back and relax with her this yr....i will fill up her school bin and provide hands on materials like last yr but o dont plan on forcing her to sit and put pen to paper. she just turned 4!

so happy hump day! the weekend is almost here!  wheeeeeeeeee