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the girls

 we busted out the new birthday blocks this morning.  the girls liked playing with them.  i watched as they played.  joey sat and watched ellie for a few minutes, then copied her! i find joey catches on quick by watching the other 2.  example, every time we leave the house i call "everyone has to pee!"  joey comes in now after ellie yelling "pee! pee!" and wants to sit on the toilet too!
 amazed by her "super tall tower"
 little girl. big wall
 i took the girls to a park this morning to maximize their park play with out the boys. and play they did!
 and even some backwards sliding.....down the middle. ha
 ellie was helping me put away laundry this morning. i gave her dish clothes. i guess her baby needed them instead of putting them in the drawer. haha


wk-eigenheer said...

I read all the blogs from the party. What a week and fun and excitement you had .Good (and a lot of)work Melani !
Enjoy the summer days in and out of the water .I love you all.