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 nate came up with the idea of going to a park today. ellie was over the moon with going to see the ducks. i took chris's van, and gave him my there was enough room to load up the bike and chariot. we chose mapleton and the weather was nice and cloudy. not too hot....then the sun burned off the clouds and BOOM it was so HOT out!  ha.. we didnt mind.....nate had a great idea!!! we had so much fun and agreed to come again!
 biking boy, taking off
 my little girls feeding the ducks
 trying to keep joey from jumping in the lake
point point
 my girls!
 so thankful i can spend my days with my kids
 almost gone
nate had so much fun riding all over the trails
 taking a break because it was SO hot out!  joey pointing to everything. talk about sensory over load. in a good way!
driving home i took a detour and discovered my new dream home! i LOVE this house. everything i want!! wrap around porch, a school room over the garage and a mud room. i would love to see the inside!!  dreaming is good!
happy friday everyone!