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summer days!

 ellie asked to play in the sprinkles. so we did
so fun!
 last night, i bbq'd fish. we dont normally eat fish, but its so healthy and good for you that i wanted to try it.  i bought some in july and put it in the freezer. feeling quite overwhelmed with the task of

1- cooking it
2- having my fam jam like it

so, yesterday i felt up to the challenge and i cook it. i made my own marinade. i used real lemons, salt, pepper and some all spice and i bbq'd them on low for about 45 mins

o. m. goodness

oh. my goodness

it was SOOOOO good. i ate one, nate ate one, ellie ate TWO!!!!  and we all agreed that we LOVE FISH!!!!

score!!! cant wait to try rainbow trout!
 this afternoon during nap time,  i took advantage of nate being at his friends place and took ellie up to start my school prep.  she sat down, took out the patternables and went to work creating master pieces. i am blown away by discovering my kids. just when i think i MIGHT have figured them out. nope, they change!!! ellie sat down and made pictures with nate's old blocks, for a good 30 mins. BY HERSELF!!! solid gold in my books! and she did them right! by herself!!!!
 we love this picnic table dad and mom. so glad you gifted it to us. 
 my little ellie. love this girl
 proud of her work
 winking at you