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happy 9th birthday!

i can not believe, that 9 YEARS ago today!  YOU, my only son, was given to me and you dad, to love, cherish, enjoy and raise.  i am beyond words to explain how precious, how loved, and how so very important you are to us. 

god chose YOU to be my son.  god GAVE you to us. 

what a privilege, a joy and responsibility all in one. 

i remember the moment the drs put you on my chest. not my arms because i was frozen from the drugs, swollen too much to hold you, but you were placed on my chest and i will never, to the day i die, never forget the moment i held you. the overwhelming felling onf a life time of responsibility, the dept of my love, the heart of who i thought i was...only discover my true calling, the one i was created for...

to be your mom

to love you and raise you
to adore you and cherish you
to keep your heart until it's time for you to give it away
to love on you, as my only child, for 5 amazing, wonderful, never forgetting, always so thankful for years! 

nate, my buddy, my boy. goodness, i love you!  i was so happy to have you but more than anything, i LOVE watching you grow into such a young man. what a help you are to me!  the love and admiration you show towards both your sisters, the kindness you show to ellie, the patience you demonstrate to joey, its not even close to my wildness dreams of what i hoped would happen when i found out we were having the girls

nate. i am so proud of you
i love you!
i am so very proud of you!
i can not wait to see what this yr holds for you, the last yr of your single numbers!

happy, amazing, wonderful, loving birthday
!!!  i will alwys hold your hand

happy 9th birthday my son!  gosh, i love YOU!


Papa said...

Nater's my son, you are a very fortunate young man to have such a loving, caring and awesome mother. (Father also)

God new what was best for you when he gave you to your parents. You will never have to worry, because they will look out, protect and instruct you all the days of your life.

Nana and I love you and only wish you were closer so we could be in each others life more.

Love and Blessings,


mel said...

I love you papa

mel said...

thanks my man