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 wed after camp i took the kids to the splash pad, chris came along too!  as soon as we got there ellie ran and sat under the big bucket. then joey followed and before i could get there. splash! the bucket came down and soaked joey!
 she was caught off guard but went back for more
 then we had a snack picnic
 the 3 older kids!
 soaking wet joey
 so, this boy was bullying ellie. he was chasing her and getting in her face. wrong thing to do.  q and n went after him and put this bully in his place.  after a few scuffles and name calling, cat calling and over all poor behaviour from the boy and his brother....chris went over bringing a bucket with he walked over there he made up a game and had all the kids work together to play.  next thing you know most all the kids were over playing this made up game.  chris spent a good 15 mins over with them, the boys worked together and we left shortly after that.
 another day, another park!
the sisters playing together
 joey! and chris's nose. haha