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pei pt 1

 chris and nate were asked my mrs. charlotte from mad science to come and show off nate's science fair project ath he did for the home school group.  we were quite flattered, out of all the projects that mad science saw and judged, they asked him to come to the mad science summer camps.  unfortch we were away for all the camp weeks but chris and nate were able to go last friday.  nate had a blast showing off his hard work!  great job nate!  so proud of you
 then fri afternoon, cry and her crew, and my parents all came over to meet up at my place. the boys, shawn, quinn, nate and chris left midnight sat to start the father son trip.  my parents and sister and charlie rented a cottage in pei for the week.  we drove up sat. 

check out the pose from charlie! ha!
 our cottage was 5 mins from my favorite beach on the island, and as soon as we unpacked, we hit the beach
 the last time i was there, was 5, almost 6 yrs ago.  i walked this beach, crying for a another baby.  and i returned with my 2 girls!  god is awesome
 it took joey about 1 minute to drop to the sand
 slide down the sand dunes, ruining her new outfit. ha, thats joey!  she LOVES to get dirty!
 showing nana the beach
 papa too
 finding a hole to throw herself get even dirtier. cause that what joey loves to do!