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waterfowl park!

 this morning we joined up with the local moncton secular home school group and went on a field trip to sackville's water fowl park. its about 15 mins from memramcook, so chris and i have been there many times in the past when we lived in memramcook....but this was my first guided tour. i actually learned a lot!  it was great weather, not too hot, not too cold. the kids were well behaved and my friend came with me and i had someone to talk to!  great morning out!

see joey peeking out the side window. haha
 looking at the museum park
 my naters
 my ellie
this is funny. ellie was in the stroller and watched nate and his friend m walk together. i think m got too close cause the next thing we saw was ellie jumping out of the stroller, running over to nate, grabbed his hand and went walking with him....leaving m behind.  aralee and i laughed so much. too funny to watch!
 ellie taking her rightful spot. beside her brother. hahaha
 but nate and m got back together again....bird watching

 n and m together
 joey!  must you roll in the dirt????
 ellie joined too. notice nates arms around ellie making sure she was ok before he let her go
and that was our hump day!  how was yours?