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pt 2

 sat we took the kids to the wild life park.  joey was so excited. she walked most of the way then towards the end, after seeing the animals she would crash into the stroller to be pushed to the next animal
this deer was SO friendly.  see how close shawn got to it?
 nice try shawn. that would be his hands around her/his next
 and checking her/his teeth out!!!!  crazy close
 look at her face!
 just taking a walk with papa
 im so glad my kids will group up knowing their grandparents/cousins
 the crew. minus copper
 our little crew
 and about 15 mins on the road she crashed
 it was such a beautiful drive. the sun was out, the clouds fluffy. i was a great way to the last minute hali trip.  we had such a great time! 
 still sleeping
 haha my little boot thief
and dad chris loves the boots! thanks!
 3 kids, the last one was the only one who wrote on my wall or in this case my fridge. with a permanent marker!  sigh!
and now to get back into the school routine!