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homeschool club!

 today was the first session of the home school club at the library. basically all the home school kids come and have fun at the library.  today's theme was board games and meet and greet.  the girls had so much fun, and i finally caved and got nate his own library card and he even borrowed 3 books!

the library staff spent the summer making large board games.  they were really great. unfortch i didnt take pics bec i  didnt have pants on with pockets to hold my phone/camera...but trust me. the games were great. i think maybe i should go back to school when im done teaching my kids to get my batch of education or work in the library!
 my little girl. no longer a baby. what a joy you are!
 peek a boo!  i tried to get a pic with out the mom and her little girl....but i didnt. can you find an adorable face in the books? 
 little book lover!
 nate wanted this selfie. ha!