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imagine my surprise and utter delight when my all time, most fav author. janette oke, came out of retirement to pen a new series of books with her daughter.  the books came out in 2014, 2015 and the newest aug 2016...which i hope to buy and ship to my hotel room in florida in nov (remind me to do that)  i spent some of my time this summer reading the first 2 books (much to shawn's making fun of me!!!)  and to my freaking shock, i discovered last night that there is a netflix series all about it!
i watched the first 3 eppy's with nate watching but not watching (trying to not look interested...cough)  in my bed last night.  im totally into it! i love that it's wholesome and i dont have to think about nate's eyes watching....but most of all it's janette oke!  how awesome is that?!/ ha!

just another silly thing about me!


Ursi said...

Have you ever read books by Lori Wick? She's my favourite author!! My favourite book ever is The Princess. I read it about once a year😀

mel said...

i love me some lori wick!!! i BAWLED through the princess! such a GREAT author! i have almost 1/2 of what shes written. ( i buy used!) she is an amazing author! but i think i favor j.oke bec she was the first "adult" book i ever read, at 12. lol..>