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best afternoon!

 on tues after school and nap time. we hit up irish town park. to be honest, it was the best afternoon. we had such a great time!  i had chris take my car to work so i could take the van and fit the dbl stroller and nates bike.  nate took off on his bike, he would stop and wait for us when the trails changed, that way he didnt get lost. he had so much fun with his freedom and i enjoyed spending time with the girls.  you truly cant be in a bad mood in the woods! 
 can you see it? a FROG!  i actually touch the thing before it hopped off
 ellie was so intrigued by it!
 joey too!
 pointing as it took off into the pond
 nate on the horizon
 there is a large hill in this park. nate has never rode his bike down it and asked if he could, i said SURE!  and i explained that he should be careful to not go too fast, but go and have fun.  and he did! 
 he took off on that hill, screaming the whole time as ellie cheered him on saying (i kid you not) "you go boy!" hahaha
 then we played in the river, running, splashing and enjoying nature. i asked nate if home school was still ok. he said " yea! if i was in public school i would be sitting in a desk right now!"  BINGO!
 then ellie, not having a bike wanted to RUN down the hill nate biked down. i said " go for it!" and she did!
 so fun!
 but then there is joey
wonderful, joyful, dirty jo!
who found water, dirt and stone
can you guess what happened?
 stone tossing!
 mud making!
 more stone tossing!
 slop, slop, more water
 ruining your outfit!
 what can i do? haha
i strip her down to a diaper and just let her go at er
mess, mud, laundry?! 
making memories is more valuable to me
joey was soaked, from head to toe.  clothes can be washed, cleaned and dry. but letting her go wild free with siblings is more important to me as i sit and watch, and enjoy.  so thankful for my kids
 sister messes!
 nate took off for about 20 mins, then he asked to show me what he did.  he made a walk way with the stones, telling me that he misses the farm and the river.  i live in the city but i am so thankful for the parks that allow us to feel like we are in the country!

 diaper joey peeking out. notice her clothes are on the top of the stroller to dry.haha
 yesterday i asked nate to watch joey for a few minutes while i talked to ellie. i came back to this
 joey coloring, nate watching
i could not ask for a better brother!