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the girls

 yesterday ellie joined us in the school room. i turned my back for a min and she said "look! i made my family"
 and she did.  notice that she drew herself and joey holding hands
 papa! nana!  mom and dad were away last week and the kids missed talking to them. they had a brief chat yesterday, i snapped a few pics
 hi! hi papa! hi nana!
 "and then she said...."
 "are you serious? tell me more"
 "no way!"
 "he was this big!"
 "hahaha you are the best. i love you!"
 "okay, then what happened?"
 she loves a good phone conversation. ha
 saturday i was able to join my friend and spend the day from 10-6 alone, with no kids.  we went to the beth moore simucast. so fun. they even made us lunch. that i didnt have to clean up. it was divine.  what did beth talk about? i cant recall. i was too busy napping...ha
and the 2 min it took me to type this out. joey poured ellie's bowl of cereal on herself, the table and floor. then pooped. 

for real

i kid you not. this is my life. i ddnt lose my temper, i sent the older two up to play, cleaned up joey and her bum, then the floor.  put a show on for joey and finished my blog

i know its just a season.  i dont wish it away. but i dream of days with no diapers, messes, tantrums and food throwing....then ill be dealing with other age issues. ha

happy tuesday!


Mom said...

I enjoyed the phone conversation. Just like Jory.

mel said...

nana uuh, that is joey