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life and its funness

 i saw this sign while running errands with ellie. crack me right up. love it...

i had a pile of places, errands and things to do on saturday. so i took ellie with me ,not knowing exactly how much i would get done before she was done for the day. she did SO well!  i was able to do everything on my list and rewarded her with in ice cream on the way out of walmart. it was such a fun afternoon for us both
 i found joey like this.  trying to climb up into the pantry!
 she is so very busy
   outside, after bed time play fun! its the best!
 flying airplanes
 joey pointing to a real airplane
 bye bye she says as it flies away
 airplane rides with daddy!
 and ellie too
 funny me story. i forgot i had glass in the garbage bag, when i took the trash out 3 days after i sliced mt thighs with the glass in the bag.  stupid cuts would not stop bleeding. so funny, i told chris i was a cutter but chose my thighs instead. hahaha  stupid cuts still hurt 3 days later
 me.  trying to take a sunday afternoon nap
not going to happen around here
 really? one leg up missy????
 joey!  happy joey!
 nate chasing after joey
 ellie picking apples
sigh. what do you do when it rains on a school morning?  why, you find every pillow, blanket, soft and throw and make a fort...and at the end of the day, nate put it all away!