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 now that we are in a groove with school, after im done with nate and his book work he goes off to work independently. ellie joins us in the school room and is burning through the work books...i did plan a loose play base school for her but she is wanting more, i am blown away by how different she is than nate and i find myself trying to figure out her learning style.  last night i bought an amazing preschool program for her, i never did bother with nate but i think she likes structure.  nate didnt even hold a pencil until he was 4.5...ellies already working on her letters...NOT bragging or comparing just in awe how different the kids are

i found ourselves with some extra time yesterday, yes, after we went to a park. ha.  so i took the kids to the library. nate got his first library card 3 wks ago and is BURNING through the books we bring home.  he has 9 more books on hold. ha

the kids played
 then joey found this doll and bottle and spent, no lie, over an HOUR feeding this baby.  i had to grab it from her and she was so upset when we left, once we got home she was still asking "a baby, a bottle"  sob.  im thinking a baby and bottle will be on her christmas list.  i can tell joey is the natural mommy, she loves babies
 how many ways can you feed a baby?

last night the kids got gift in the mail from a guy in australia, chris did some work for him and for payment chris asked him to send some aussie stuffies

 joey was very delighted
 then this morning im sitting there having my breaky and coffee and ellie comes skipping into the room singing "hi!, im nate!" hahahaha
 and joey took the opportunity to steal ellies milk
 and drink it all
so that is a quick peek into our life

i find that i miss so many of the cute things the kids say...i need to make notes and blog them for the future

one funny was yesterday in the car joey was melting bec she didnt have her baby and ellie looks at her and says "joey, get a grip" bawahhhh

this morning i needed to leave the house at 7, early for me. i dont get out of bed before 8 most days. ha.  anyways, i needed to get blood work taken, so i left nate and ellie in the kitchen with a show and snacks (chris was in bed, joey was sleeping....i wasnt leaving the kids alone!)

as i got ready to leave ellie broke down, big tears, truly upset, devastated. i scooped her up and asked what was wrong...she didnt know! just that she was upset that i was i drove away i realized that i am her world (which is a good thing) she relies on me to be the constant mom i am. i provide security and safety for her to be her.  but this morning our routine changed and i left, she was left confused and thrown off. after i told her to go see daddy and i PROMISE ill be back in an hr, she settled...

but the heavy/wonderful feeling of knowing that man, my kids really do need me to be healthy and whole. mind. spirit and body.  i am their little world.  what an honor

i can say that i truly am living my dream.  a wife, and mommy and teacher too.  good and bad and all that goes with it, im glad, so glad that i have my dream

god is faithful

my prayer is....god, teach me as i teach them