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 after MORE swimming, we went to watch our all star- charlie-grace!  play hockey!! for  2 HOURS!!!!
 go charlie girl. we LOVE you!
ellie and papa
she loves her papa and nana....after i took this pic, ellie went off to join nana at the seats. where she talked her ear off :)
 my sis and i trying to look sane...after 3 MORE hrs of watching the kids swim!
 sat night, cry and her crew left, nate and i spent a great hr together...then i went to bed with ellie. my ellie....i am so thankful for the 2 nights "away" from cooking and cleaning. to spend time with nate and ellie.  we had such a great sun morning. sleeping in, eating, then hitting the road. when we wanted. NO schedule
 nate drove up in the front seat and the way back. he LOVED this new privilege.  i really enjoyed his company.  he ate almost the whole way home. and talked my ear off
 then we got HOME!
joey was beyond thrilled to see us
the girls played with the candles i scored at micheals for 2.99 each
 chris bathed and dressed joey in a cute dress. knowing i would love that
and i did!
 the girls with their dad ( cry, this is the book charlie gave ellie)
 the pic charlie made
 thrilled to have us all home again
i am so thankful for the 2 days away from my reg, old, day in and day out....and a bit stressed for the week to come...BUT i know everything will work out and be ok!


Ursi said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I had an excellent Sunday, I cried thru the beginning of church, then went to the car where God did some awesome work in my heart and mind. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm ready for a new week! And then a long weekend off!
Nope you have a great week!

mel said...

hugs and more hugs! you got this. i am amazed by how you manage to do so much, from the mission to your garden/and all your homespun creations. you are a great mom and wife and im lucky to have a great sis in law! i do wish we lived closer :)