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some pics of the week

 we had a busy week, a lot of home school get together s landed every afternoon this week! it made a full and enjoyable week

we went to the party place on wed, they had 4 giant bouncy castles and a race car track set up.  i sat and talked to the moms. ha

joey was quite taken with the car track
 i FINALLY have a plant that ive kept alive for 2 YEARS!  its a cactus. hahahaha but i bought it after i had joey, 2 YEARS! ago and its still alive!
 ellie has really gotten into her school time.  everyday she begs to do school.  sometimes nate joins her...ive only put 2 weeks together of her lessons and i have a lot more to do but i figure that it will be worth my time bec i will re use it with joey
 ellies little school corner
the program i bought is faith based, everything "flows" together.  there is a theme, color, number, bible verse and lots of mini books
 oh and a song, story and poem
we look at the cards, read the mini book, sing a song and verse. then spend the rest of the time working in her work book
 mini book

 little cards on sticks that she holds and shows me the word when she sees it in her lesson
 the stack i need to finish. sigh
ive also added wooden letters, stamping and a few other hands on activities to keep her busy during school
 she made the L at the top
 and she did these on her own
 her almost filled book!  ellie LOVES working on her school
 i found this for ellie and i work on together at sally ann, i had to buy it bec of the sticker! haha
 cry!  tell me the store, the date and the department. hahahahah
took me right back to the great zellers days!
 home school club!  joey came too
 and growled like a dinosaur!
 shes growing too fast!
 and into everything
 the kids played and made apple nachos. so good. then they played some more
 ellie too
 we spent some time outside before the rain fell
 see joeys little face peeking out?!
 ellie came to me like this. rubber boots in the house holding a box and said "cleo and rubble are sleeping"
 lol. yes, they are!  great job ellie
 ellie told me she was pooping. hahaha
 little joey, she refuses to sit in her booster and took her place at the head of the table
 peek a boo baby
 we love you joey!
 joey found this pic and came to me saying "look, nana, papa, mommy, daddy"

and with that long post, ill wrap up another home school week!


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mel said...

love you aunt shirley! can i (dare i!) ask, how was the wine? i was a bit nervous to get you guys that bottle because my fav wine was sold out, and i didnt try that bottle i picked a bottle i thought you might like ( ok the dude from the store suggested it. haha) was it?