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 what does one have for breakfast when nana and papa are here?  apple pie and ice cream.  i was in the shower and came down to this. haha. the girls enjoyed their breakfast!

the weather was so nice on saturday, we went to irishtown park to enjoy the beauty
 some duck watching was done, water and leaves as well
 i love the fall
 so glad to live in n.b. the colors are amazing
 my heart
 love these little kids
 chris too. haha
 which is funny cause today is our 13th anniversary.  crazy fast how those years went by
 leaf pulling
 and the best sort of fun. running over a wooden bridge, splashing water as she ran
 sat night mom and dad blessed us with an evening out, at the keg. i have never been there before.  i can say this. it lived up to my expectations. the PRICES! and the FOOD was amazing. by far, the best steak we have ever tried.  our meal, 2 entrees, wine (of course) and dessert....120!  CRAZY but once every 13 yrs its okay...right!
 chris and his food. my food pic didnt turn out
 dessert i was tempted to lick the brownie plate clean. ha
 yesterday, joey and papa. she was so cuddled into him. the kids were very sad to see them go
 we had a lovely thanksgiving.  blessed to have family to share it with