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hali part 1!

 first.  ellie is totally into her "school". she LOVES doing her "school work" and i am truly amazed by her still trying to get her preschool curric together....i just need an hr or 2 ALONE! to get er done!  but anyways, she was so excited to show daddy her work last thurs....she ran up and got it to show him

he was kinda surprised that she's already making her letters...i cant wait to her her preschool curric together to show her. she will be thrilled! 
 fri around 2, nate, ellie and i left for hali. but before that happened joey was typical JOEY!  she was singing to herself....

dad got me 2 nights at the holiday inn in bedford. so i (SOOOO very APPRECIATE!!!) took nate and ellie. i did this because
1-the room had a king size bed and a pull out. not sp great for a toddler...
2-it freed me up to be with nate and ellie.  if joey came, it would require me to have BOTH! girls in the pool at the same time
3- chris was free to stay home with joey, and tackled the "to do list"
4- i think i made the right choice....joey can come next time!
 nate was THRILLED!!! to spend 2 hrs fri night in the pool/waterside
 and another 3 HOURS sat morning
then 2 hrs of hockey (charlie)
and another 3 HOURS in the pool with friends from hali
 nate all ready for bed fri lasted about 3 hrs....then her ended up in MY bed with ellie and i...another reason why i was glad we had chris stay home with joey ;)
 breaky the next morning at the hotel!
 shawn. hahahaha
he was THRILLED to be there.  THRILLED i tell you!
 nate's bacon
he ate a PLATE of bacon!