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 tues night nate has a kid class, so we went to the library to pick up his reserved books, we had some extra time so we played board games, yes! i played bored (haha) games for 45 mins!!  we had a blast and agreed to do it again next week
 wed we had a class at this cool place in riverview called the party palace. think of a large, inside play center, they had 5 bouncy castles set up, and each week they change it up.  its perfect for us bec its open for all ages AND its affordable!!!  for 6 wks, all 3 kids cost 110.00. we go for 3 hrs each wed and the BEST part? my friend aralee comes with her kids and we can somewhat chat....and she leaves feeling GREAT about being done with little ones. hahaha

joey chatting with aralee
 the weather this week has been SO nice out.  +20. we spend the afternoons outside.  i like that we live so close to the bus stops and the kids play in the back yard.  i find 1-2 hrs of play for ellie with the kids is good....not too much...but enough to fill her bucket and i dont have to deal with issues...anyways. she was taking a break from playing. she told me it was too hot. oh to have such problems!
 joey, little joey with her red wagon and red boots
 note her sippy cup in the wagon
back and forth she goes on the path, carrying her wagon of treasures
 "see ya!"
 so. ellie got her first gift from a BOY!!!  her little friend "buddy" as she calls his, made her this bracelet in school. he is in a Montessori class mon-fri from 7-3:30, so she really misses him during the week. he usually comes over to play when he gets home. anyways, he made this for her!!! 
 thought id throw in a selfie with all my grey hair, that i will NOT cover up!  i had a dr appoint yesterday to get the results of my yearly blood work. there was an actual emergency in the office, a dude had a heart attack. so i was cool with waiting....anyways. i got my results back and guess what?!? they were the BEST results ive EVER had.  my iron went from 91 to 138!!! 120 is considered good, my b12 was up 20 pts, my cholesterol doesnt exist, my kidneys are back to normal, same with my liver, all my levels were above average!  my dr said i beat chris, hands down. haha and my results were the best he's seen in awhile. but he does recommend me having a procedure done (to burn my uterus lining) which the gynecologist already told me to have done....cough....when i come back in nov ill call. anyways, i am super happy about this bec i took a ye and really made sure to eat a good diet, more meat and protein and sleep more.  it worked!!! 
 today my friend took nate to a field trip to a bee farm!!!  i kept the girls home bec joey and bees are not a good combination. haha  at times like these, i do wish i had family close so i could take nate to the activities that are in his age group and have someone watch the girls. but that is just me being silly.  im totally grateful that nate was able to go and i was able to spend time with my girls. we went to the park and played, ellie and i read books and joey ran around with her babies. ha

i did however bust ellie at nate's lego table. dhe played away for a good 30 mins....i cant help wonder how in the world she came from me! she is totally beautiful and such a little lady
 we love you ellie!


shirley said...

Hey Mel,

Delighted to hear about your great test results. Sure wish I had the courage to let my grey come through.

Take care my dear. AS

mel said...

great to hear from you aunty! im totally positive you would rock the grey hair, althou i really liked your color in aug. im honestly just to lazy and cheap to spend money on my hair, so im just letting the color come far it doesnt bother me!

shirley said...

curious how long it takes to grow out, love to have your feedback.

Crystal said...

If you move here, we can totally have nap afternoons, we just have to take turns! 😜