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 my friend aralee is a huge outdoor enthusiast, she also is a member of  the new brunswick orienteering group and invited nate and i along to join her today in fredriction. so we drove 2 hrs each way, 4 hrs in total! to go!  it was raining the whole way there and i was praying it would stop bec i did NOT want to walk around outside, in the woods in the rain!

on the way there we drove through a rainbow!  a dbl rainbow!  it was the neatest thing
 we drove about 5 kms until we went through it.  so very cool
 just entering the rainbow
 ive never seen anything like it
 going through
 we arrived at the park for our start time, 10:30 and i was blown away by how cold it was. ha and the beauty of this park!
 getting our maps and chips to begin the race
 following the paths of freshly fallen leaves

 there was no red leafs on the trees but there was plenty of yellow and orange
 the contrast between the white flag pools and the bright yellow trees
 so pretty
 the kids found a marker
 this was the best way to spend a sunday morning. it was so nice out, after i adjusted to the cold!
 finding another marker and mapping the next check point
 run kids! run!
 the morning really reminded me how much i MISS being outside in the woods and how i need to do this more
 after the race, we let the kids play in this retro park. i was telling nate this is the kind of parks i grew up with!
 so neat!
 remember these parks?!
 we came home, nate went back to his friends for the afternoon and i watched the girls dance together...