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nate conversations

nate funny!  i got a new phone the other day.  nate is very excited about this development.  i think he thinks it's his. anyways

driving in the car nate is talking about the phone again.  then he says and i quote ( called chris to write it down!)

"mommy, can you please put games on your phone?  yes? good!  because it would suck so bad if an iphone didn't have games on it"

then on a more serious convo

i was putting nate to bed and i curled up beside him , was asking him what he wanted mt to pray for then i said " nate, i want you to pray for mommy."

he asked why and i told him that i am in a situation where i need god to direct me on what to do

nate asked what it was and i just told him that a friend of mine wasn't nice to me and i wanted god to show me if i was to keep being their friend (i wish it was that simple!)

nate says "the bible says that we are to love those who are mean to us.  so you have to be nice to them.  you don't have to ask god because he already told you what to do"

i asked him what i should do and he said "be nice to them and stay their friend"

then he told me "god and he both say the same thing. so do it"

i am taking the advice of my 5yr old

he's right

be nice to ppl who are mean to you


this week, so far!

i was getting the kids ready for the car
and came back to this
nate's not choking her, ha. he was actually tickling her
watching nate
and all bundled for the cold
this is their space ship. nate was taking ellie to mars. she's ok with it
we have a busy day tomorrow and no time for school, so i had nate dbl up today and he did!  i was very impressed
doing his math. he was so into it he finished the chapter!
my wonder wall!!
nate is ALWAYS asking questions and they are good questions but the timing is not always best to answer them to e.g bedtime! ha. or in the car or while chris and i are talking etc
i don't want to curb the questions but instead take the time, when i have it, to answer them properly
now we have the wonder wall!  when nate has a question and we don't have time we write it down on a sticky note on the wall
then when time is good we sit down and answer the question, look things up and i take the sticky off the wall and put it in a binder so i can add info to it
so now his questions are answered when it's a good time for me!
i was cleaning up the kitchen and nate told me that ellie was ok
he went and got all the toys for her and made her comfy
then nate wanted to play pirates
ellie was so over that. haha

that's my long over due update!

life is full!


a little slip up!

the other day we took the kids to the mall (for supper! food courts rock, everyone gets what they want!)  nate wanted to take ellie for a drive. she as always!  grabs his arm and held on

then we switched cars and put ellie on nate's right. as she was reaching for his arm to hold onto, she slipped forward and hit her head on the side.  she cried. we picked her up.  chris was about to say something along the lines of "nate! it was your responsibility to watch her"  when i interrupted and said "don't you dare put the blame on him!"  nate went on playing and i calmly shared with chris that nate adores his sister, the last thing he would want is to hurt her. that would break him. and i added that it was our responsibility to watch for ellie's safety. not nates. ever

chris agreed and we forgot about it

then yesterday at church. chris was signing nate in to his class, there was about 5-6 adults there and nate says loudly in front of everybody while raising his hands he yelled

" dad was trying to tell me that i made ellie hurt"........ pausing he then declared ....."can you imagine the guilt?!!!"


another funny

last thursday while working away on school work. nate puts his pencil on the desk and says "MOM! i just have this feeling that i can't stop!  i just want to stop school right now, lay down and play stretchy monkey all day long!"

stretchy monkey is a video game

don't you ever have a day like that?

bawahhhh 3 comments

this and that and all that

nate created a crime scene for me with his forensic kit from mad science
except he used my window instead of the book!
cute thou!
i was at home sense awhile back and saw this snazzy sign that said "i am kinda a bug deal around here" for 20. i thought man, i could make that for 2.00!
so i did!
i hung it, i mean chris hung it where i told him too. haha. above her crib because i swear, we are the most pathetic bunch we all go in to wake ellie up, nate, chris and myself and we all stare at her
she really is a big deal around here
i told nate i would make one for him that said "i am the bigger deal around here" he declined the offer
sitting in nate's new school box. all by herself!
i told chris i was going to spent the wkend getting the class room in order and finishing up the 100's of projects i am working on
i was working away on sat morning when my friend called and wanted to see if i could grab a quick coffee with her
quick coffee? why yes!  
3.5 HOURS later i come home
i spent today working in the school room!
new desk lay out! i LOVE this and i really think it's gonna work for us!
nate's independent desk is to the left, i am going to have chris move the bulletin  board (again!) but to be honest nate works 99% of the time beside me at my desk
and finally i found a system that will work!
baskets!  mine is the pink one nate's is the blue one. each morning, nate will grab his basket and bring it to the desk.  in the basket are all of his books/binders and anything else that he needs. no more looking for things or getting up over and over reaching for this and that!  my teacher manuals and lesson plans are in the pink basket. at the end of the day everything goes back in the basket and its ready for the next day!
the pink plastic holder above the blue basket is nate's glue, pencils.pens, scissors etc....again everything is there!  love it!

i got things done this wkend!  yeah for me!
and it's the start of another week! 1 comments

bottled up baby smell

its late, I am tired, finding a new source of energy, I slip upstairs in my quiet house to start my evening ritual

Picking up my bundle of joy, sheer delight in a tiny package, I cradle her in my arms, as I feed my baby using the soft pink light that lights the room I feel calm and peaceful. I hear the rocking chair, one that I've put so many countless miles on creak with each rock; I look into my baby’s eyes. She stares at me, closing her eyes she slips into her sleepy state.  I watch her drink. What a joy she is.  With a turn of her head I know she is done I dab the drops of milk from her mouth and smile at her once again as she turn her body towards mine, tucking her face into my arms

I stare. Time stands still it seems, I watch her mouth doing baby things, mouth puckering, relaxing into a smile, eyes flickering open to meet mine, then a smile appears as she closes her eyes and relaxes her body more. I can feel her melt into me. I am amazed at the power of love that I feel towards her. I look at her nose. So adorable! Her cheeks!  They beg to be kissed. I give in and kiss her soft, delicate trusting face. 

Feeling tired but not ready to say good bye, pressing my face as close to her as I can, nose to nose, I breathe in and smell my ellie baby smell. A smell that I long to snatch up and bottle and keep it forever. My heart hurts from the love I feel towards her.  I smell. I breathe.  I listen to her breath, steady and peaceful

I smell her again.  I don’t look at the clock for I know I've been up there too long already but not wanting to put her down. Knowing I will face chris and his mocking for spending too much time again. That’s impossible I think? 

my body is getting tired. The time as come to end my ritual. I breathe in her fragrant smell once more.  Kissing her cheeks and forehead. I stand up, slowly walking her to her  crib. Holding her body tight to mine. I stand in front of her bed. I whisper into her ear “I love you sweet one. So precious so loved. What a miracle you are, sent from heaven above. We love you ellie doll.  We are so grateful and thankful you joined our family.  We love you. Sleep tight and rest well. You are so wanted and loved” placing her in her crib, tucking her in with her blanket. I kiss her once more

 Clicking off the soft pink light, pausing at her door I whisper “ we love you sweet one” the door clicks. My ritual is over for today, but tomorrow, thank you jesus for tomorrow, I get to spend another day loving my baby all over again

How great is your love towards us oh lord?  How far does it reach?  Can I ever come close to feeling the love you have towards me?  How wonderful. How precious. How good you are. Pain and sorrow you are with me.  Joy and rejoicing you are there. Tears may fall and yet you bottle them.  How important I must be to you!

Now I just have to find a way to bottle up ellie’s smell and save it forever!  

the other day i sent nate down to start our reading time
i could hear him but couldn't find him
after a min i knew where i would find him
behind the couch
 he had on his reading glasses!
nate got a letter from nana and papa plumps
can you tell he loves getting mail?
he was very stoked!
thank  you!
this morning was nates first mad science class!  
this quarter we are learning about forensic science
nate was very into this class
finding fingerprints with the ultra blue light
what fun!
mad science was worth the $
AND i came home to my new book order!
yes, i read the other books from my last order!
i did learn a lesson thou
i will not order books late at night ever again
i ordered the same book twice!  good thing my friend will take them off my hands! ha
the whole order was under 40!
and i got a kijiji steal!  for anyone who homeschools, books can get very pricey so second had rules this homeschool.  but it's hard to find seconds at a good price and what you need.  i got the above for next yr's nature study all for 23!  and it was literally 2 mins from where i was this am
i love me a good deal!  score! 1 comments

snuggles and smiles!

my ellie the snuggle bug
check out her thigh
yep, she likes her food!
not even posed for the pic. they were watching wild kratts together
typical ellie
today after nate's gym class i took him on a date
just him and me at tim's
we had such a great conversation. i am amazed by how fast my son is growing and how we have a real conversation
these are the days i'll cherish when he's gone
i love my kids!
sitting on the couch with daddy
i lifted the bib and saw this

happy ellie. always smiling

that's about it with us. our days are filled and are flying by so fast!  soon that snow will be gone. thank goodness! i hate the cold!

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this is awesome

need i say more?

i am particularly loving the comment made at 9:52

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sitting girl!

big girl! she sat by herself tonight for the first time!  we were watching a documentary on dolphins (love imax!) and i had ellie on my lap. my thigh actually when i felt her balancing herself so i let go and she stayed on my lap with out falling!  i yelled for chris to grab my camera and voila!

i put her on the floor and tried it again and she did it!  my baby is growing so fast!  what a sheer joy that wee little girl is, such joy she brings to our lives


happy birthday ellie!

first off a pic of my 3 favorite people
nate was reading to chris and ellie
when nate and ellie sit on the couch, she always takes his arm
my heart
i am blessed
ellie got her package!
her 6 month birthday package!
my baby is 6 months old!
" for me? oh than you!"
nate told me and i quote "i will have to open ellie's present because she can't do it on her own yet and i am her big brother and that's is what we do"
he got some chocolate too
seriously excellent chocolate!
than you for the dress!  she loves it!  she will prob be wearing it next yr!

"where's da money?"


thanks guys we love the dress! 1 comments

my gym!

yes, home school children even have gym class. just making sure he's being social and all
i signed nate up this semester for gym class at my gym. i love this place.  i am shocked by how fun, organized, friendly and can't wait to bring nate back
i would have taken more pic's of what he did, but i admit, i was too busy meeting other moms and getting my social on
i am so grateful to have a wonderful home school community!
this month alone i've tuned down snowshoeing, nature hike, sleigh rides, skiing and something else
i had my 2 wk post op check up and threw my glasses in the collection box! i have 20/20 and dry eyes. ha.  i go back in 2 wks for my monthly post op appointment
it was cold, so i was walking with my head down.  at one point i looked up and saw this building
i stopped cold in my tracks
i wiped a tear and said hello to my son
his' body is resting here

and today is another day
you have taken me from death
my eyes from tears
my feet from falling
i walk with my lord
in this land
i believe

ps 116:9-9 1 comments

my 2 kids!

nate has this thing with taking my camera and taking 30+ pics in the morning!
here he is pinching ellie's cheeks
the cheeks! the cheeks!  i can. not. stop. kissing them!
funny other cheek story
yesterday morning, i woke up to nate's bare butt, with a red bandaid on it 3" from my face
i was like "dude! what are you doing? get your nasty butt out of my face. and why do you have a band aid on it?"
he's like "i have a scratch on it, so i had dad put vita merfen on it and a band aid so it will heal"
ok. seriously, men are weak! weak i tell you weak!
nate taking a pic of himself eating a chocolate bar he wasn't suppose to take
nothing like taking a picture of your crime!
talking to ellie
i had to run out the other day so i left ellie with chris and nate and came home to this
no shirt, no sock, covered in drool, sitting by herself in the bumbo in the middle of the living room
where was chris?
on the lap top playing video games with nate
she was very happy to see me! 0 comments

mommy's girl!

that's right i said mommy's girl!
my little eliana
i love her so!
nate and his home depot project.  how wonderful is this???  you sign up at home depot and bring (and stay) with your kid and make something, they supply everything!  nate and chris built a bird house sat morning, they give you a apron which nate hasn't taken off yet!  he even wore it to church (which is awesome advertisement cause we had to have been asked 3+ times this afternoon how he got it!) they also give you a pin like the workers and a certificate. love it and most def going back in feb! 5 comments