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crystals and sickness!

yesterday nate found dad's briefcase and told me he was going to work
i watched my dad take this briefcase to work
brought back a lot of memories
then we swaddled nate
today for science we made salt cristals
chris did the stove work
poured into the jar
we used color so you could see the crystals forming
there it is! we will have to wait and watch them grow bigger
thanks nana and papa plumps for the sheet that sparked the idea to make salt crystals!
ellie all ready for the dr. but the dr's office was CLOSED. GRRRR going to call tomorrow to find out what happened!

so. life's been fun around here. nate came down with some tummy bug 2 nights ago. he power puked in our bed.  then spet most of yesterday on te couch. he felt fine to go to church so chris took him but he came home sicker!  i put him i our bed and came back 20 mins later to nate power puking again. in our bed!  way worse than the night before. i spent the night with nate in the spare bed in the basement where he spent the rest of the night on the toilet. poor kid. he's tired today!

funny story thou.  last week we studied the body and how vomit works.  after nate threw up the first time he says "i know why it hurts and tastes bad.  the stomach acid and juices that break the food down came back up my throat" haha.  now that's home education!

hoping for a drama free  night tonight and sleep for me! 1 comments

math stuff

the other day i got the bight idea to make a block chart for nate's math
2 DAYS later i finished it!
i don't think i've been interrupted that many times!
and i got to finish up my block houses!
basically math us see works visually
it's awesome
1 block= 1 unit, ones
10 blocks=the tens
red block=100's
nate picked up the counting fast this way
so i made the houses to go along with the story of "there is only enough room for 9 ones before you have to move into the 10's houses"
anyways. we like math around here
i got to make it on my awesome new christmas gift that i picked up for myself on the black friday sale....reg 249.99 down to 99!  smoking deal it's a 24" cricut expression
i used my little 12" one so much
most of what i use it for is home education!
now i have to do something about our over growing craft wall!  i need a storage solution!

this and all that!

this am, nate was reading his morning devotion to ellie
then he got to open his letter from nana and papa plumps
he loved it! thanks guys!!
ellie chilled (quite shocking don't you think?) with me before we left!
where?  i took school outside
we met up with a bunch of other home educators, a christian school and preschool to hang out and learn about fire trucks
one last pic before my camera battery died
nate learnt a lot, i drilled him on the way home (kidding about the drilling part)
but i am going to have him write out tomorrow what he did learn
i hate today and tomorrow for this reason
i am burning ben's memory candle today
3 yrs ago right now i was in labour waiting to deliver him
i hate that i have gone through this
hate that i only tuck in 2 kids at night
hate that i look at his foot prints on my bulletin board instead of kissing him
3 yrs have gone and i can honestly say i think of you almost daily
i just wish the dreams would go away
i will see you again
i love you ben
the first pinterest thing i've ever done
i made home made diaper pail smelly pucks
awesomeness in all areas!
i took 2 cups of distilled water
2 cups of baking soda
many drops of yummy scented oil (i used body shop citrus)
mix until it's a paste
pour into muffin tins
let dry into hard pucks
voila! nice smelling diaper pail pucks! should last a month
cost 2.00!
little missy dancing twinkle toes
she loves her jumper!
chris and nate made home made gummy bears
they did not taste good
2 thumbs down
but they had fun!
ohhhh the animals.....
hee hee
and with that we lived another busy, fun filled learning day! 0 comments


yesterday, i finally relented to chris and allowed (yes, allowed. ha) him to feed MY BABY
chris has been nagging worse than a woman for the last few WEEKS
to feed my BABY solids!
i did not want to actively participate and choose to take pics instead
she took to it like a champ!
"well now that was good"
she ate the whole bowl!
so i am allowing chris to give her ONE meal a day of cereal
i'll feed her when she's the PROPER age of 6 months
i was surprised by how rock star she was! she took the food, pushed it around her mouth and swallowed!
the cheeks! the cheeks! i can. not. stop. kissing. them!  trust me, when she's awake i am holding and kissing her. even when she cries!

she's growing up so fast! 0 comments

us in pics!

ellie fell over while i was folding laundry
she never said a peep
just laid there
such a quiet baby!
brother and sister crazy hair!
nate loves to read and talk to his sister
(when he reads he makes up stories that go along with the pictures)
thurs's lesson was on super hero's
utter adorableness!
ellie's getting into the jumper!  she loves it
after bath, ever so fresh and wonderful smelling daddy daughter cuddle time
close up
this morning i came down to this
the boys were at the table
why is she facing the couch?
i joked and said what? you's put her in time out or something?
she just sat there. not saying a word

can't believe it's been so long since i've blogged!  it's been busy around here.  i love it thou
i got some new school curric for nate and i've spent a lot of time getting it ready, reading over it and figuring out how to intro it to nate.  up to now, except for math, i've just used bit of this and that and made stuff up as i went along. so it's weird to follow a lesson plan!

we've been doing science this week. only cause nate asks for it. so i just took a body book i have around ehre and made lessons from it. he LOVES it!

so we are in a routine and things are flowing along nicely.  i now have a chance to take advantage of chris being around and going out for coffee, walks and's a nice break!

can't believe we hope to set the tree up this week!  crazy!  good thing i picked up 2 christmas presents for yself on friday. haha. 

how's life for everyone?  all ready for the christams season? 0 comments


will someone be my friend?
thanks bud
baby girl
teething, slobbery baby girl
i was in the kitchen getting lunch on and i could hear nate talking away about everything, mostly spiderman and how cool he is. i walked in the room and found this
sigh. he loves his sister
he told me today that she can be spiderbaby
science yesterday. we are studying the human body
i am surprised by how much i am learning!
ellie just woke up from her nap
nate wanted to hang in her crib
ohhhhhh the colors! 0 comments

love notes!

but first my laundry pile
sigh does laundry ever end????
i am weird doing laundry, i have a system
i only wash rooms together (bedrooms, bathrooms, sheets etc...)
and i only fold them when they are done
so this was my laundry, it was 3 loads.  as i went and got it from the bathroom nate jumped on it so i kept piling it on him
then i fold it on the floor. not a table much to chris's dismay. hahaha!
i found this outside my door
this is HUGE
why? bec ante has refused to write his whole name for me
refused like a mule so i gave up awhile ago asking him
and then he does this
writes his name for me to find!
sunday, chris and i were chatting and nate yells from the living room floor where he was working away with his markers and papers "mom, how do you spell briana?"
then he brings this over to me
a LOVE note to briana!
we told him after that ppl sign there names at the bottom buy he said "there wasn't enough room" haha
then nate hands me this
a love not eo ME and then nate said "mom, i gave you more x&o's because i still love you more"
bawahhhhh take that brianna! hahaha
briana is friend of mine's daughter who is in collage, nate's been writing her and she's home for a visit.  nate also told me that he asked briana to sit with him wed night for supper
i asked him why he likes briana so much and he said "bec she shoots the best webs at me"
school yesterday. working on our fav curric.  glitter glue is fun!
ok. then i went on the explain to him homophones.  i was explaining to him why be is different than bee (he asked) so i drew a picture of a bee (i am a horrible artist) nate yells "MOM! that is the BEST bee you never drew before. it's awesome! i love it!"
it's the best bee i never drew before!

one more funny nateness.  we went to costco the other day, we passed a lady with 2 huge over flowing shopping carts

nate says "mom, that lady is a couponer"

then an hour later on the way to the check out, nate looks at my cart (which was full) and says "mom! you are a couponer too!"

that's it! no more tlc's extreme coupon for you. hahaha 1 comments