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our morning walk

i have this crazy fixtation on houses. i love walking in subdivisions. i especially love walking where i haven't been before to 'discover' things. down the street from our house is the above house. this house is on the left. across the street on the right is the house below.
this cracks me up. seriously. then again it doesn't take much to make me laugh

so after our walk, nate and i went to the park. there was a bunch of older kids already playing. they were drawing maps in the dirt with sticks. nate went over to investigate, then he walked away, picked up a stick and joined them. if you clicky on the pic you can see him bent over, drawing with his stick.
then we went for a walk in the wood where nate found this large rock to lift. but he couldn't.....

it's hard to pick up a large rock with a cookie in your hand. nate chose the cookie.


the newest eigenheer

i would love for you all to meet andre micheal eigenheer, born april 27 and weighing in at a glorious 8 pounds 12oz's. mommy and daddy and danae are doing well. (this would be chris's brother rudy and wife sarah)
tired but oh so very worth it.

ok, this picture made my ovaries tingle.....just a bit....i mean a teeny, tiny perfect do they all look. i love how danae is looking down at her bro (i bet she is already sharing tips on how to stay up all night. ha. i tease)

lots and lots of kisses.
yeah to babies and family. we love you guys!


chris's shop/garage

so the guys came yesterday to get the soil ready to pour the foundation for chris's new home. chris spray painted the out line before they arrived. nice and detailed my husband is.
nathaniel was in the basement working with chris when the crew arrived. i brought him up so he could watch. and watch he did. with all the little boy noises you could imagine. (that would be drywall dust all over my son)

ohhhh big trucks.

they dug with the backhoe (no chris you may not buy one)

then they made it all flat and even and pretty. also notice that it is so big to capture the whole garage/shop with my camera.

there will even be a driveway to get to it.

again, i tried to get a whole pic of this huge thing that is taking up my back yard. chris spent the evening working outside (not sure what he did, i am not one for details)
chris is a very happy man today. he can't wait to get home and go back and work on it. chris has been taking nate with him, it's too cute. nathaniel trails behind him, talking away, picking up all the rocks, sticks, know being a great help....getting dirty. i would not trade it for anything.
life is good. i am blessed. god never forgot me.


happy birthday chris!

7 yrs ago, on chris's birthday i was on a sister trip to spain and chris was in sasky. it was at this time i realised that i did indeed love the boy and would move to be with him. scary and exciting all at once.

7 yrs later i am more in love with him (and annoyed at times) that i was when we met. ha.

so happy wonderful, fun-filled, glorious day chris and remember. you will always be older than moi. ha.

(please note that i will sample ice cream no matter where i am. this cone was one of the best cones of my life. swiss hazelnut.mmmmm)

chris, may this year be one filled with great memories, dreams come true (yes, the stupid shop can be one) i thank god for you. you are the coolest to hang with, the funnest to dream with and my bestest friend. thank you for being you.
also, i am an auntie again! sarah had her baby boy yesterday! welcome to the family little one!


hey baby wanna ride?

nathaniel giving the shout out....any body wanna ride?

nathaniel and his big date. she's an older lady

we had friends of ours over sunday after church. they have a little girl who is 4 1/2, we left the kids outside to play while we got lunch started, it got quiet outside so we went to check on them and this is how we found them.


time to clean out the closet



almost done

3 large garbage bags
lots of room for new stuff
you can find me at the mall tomorrow


day at the park

sat morning uncle jon came over to hang out and get a hair cut. it was so beautiful out that chris and i took nathaniel to the park. it was neat to watch nathaniel discover and pet every dog that passed us.

chris is showing nathaniel the river and teaching him how to walk up the railing.....not that it's you know safe or anything....

close up of the money shot. i wanted to capture the depth of nathaniel's discovery. please note the snot running from both nostrils as well as the drool/rock/dirt mixture that is coming from his mouth.

yes, i let him eat dirt, chew on branches and taste a dead left.

little boy, big world


nate and the dog

our neighbours on the left have a dog that nathaniel loves to watch. when he hears the dog bark he runs to the door to go see him.

so, it's been raining since tuesday (these pics were taken on monday) so all that dirt has turned into the biggest mud mess. it's nasty out there, i can't wait for it to dry up.

chris is going to sow the seed in may, then start on his man house. he is going to build his dream shop in the back yard. the thing is going to take up 1/2 my back yard....and get this. he has wired it for the INTERNET. i am serious. stay tuned for more details.



the title deserved the double !! (pic is pre-oven)
sit down. are you ready? i baked bread. not just any bread but poppy, onion soda bread. no worries it gets better.

it turned out.....wonderful-good!

i made bread that did not sink, burn, stay flat, use as a hockey puck. i did it!

it took over an hour to do. the onions had to be cooked slowly then left to caramelize. chris liked it. yeah for me and bread!

success! see how round and fluffy it is. to bad i hate onions and poppy seeds. this was a labour of love for chris. (mothers days is coming and i am sucking up :) i kid, i kid.

when i ask nathaniel if he wants to go to the park he says. "yesssss. peasssss, mommie" while firmly shaking his head yes.
i think he wants to go to the park.
side note. now that he can say please. it's the new magic word. all he has to do is say please and voila. he gets it. ha.
on another side note. he woke up this morning at 6. we let him party until 7:15ish, chris went in turned the lights on, opened his blinds and gave him 2 books. i never heard another word until 8:30 this morning. when i went in to get him, he was sitting in the corner, blanket and puppy under his arms with a book opened in his lap. reading. i could have slept in til at least 9!
i plan on doing this next chance i get so i can sleep in.

new rug!

i have been BEGGING chris to get a rug for the back family room. begging. pleading my case. can you believe that he did not want one! his reasoning is this- why put down hardwood floors just to cover them up? my reason is- hello! do you not know how banged up hardwood floors get with a toddler? not only that, they are hello. hard! it's not comfy to sit/play on.
well no need to brag that i finally got my way. (after the floor got a HUGE scratch that is way to deep to fix) i got my rug. i loves it.

i seriously love this rug. it is so comfy, my little toes sink into it. i love to clean it. i love that my floors will stay in good shape and i no longer have to hold my breath every time i hear a toy drop to the floor.

chris now wants to get one for the front living room :) 0 comments

awesome kijiji find

anyone in moncton need a nightstand? you MUST clicky on the linky from kijij and enlarge the pic to see all the details on this magnificent nightstand.

i mean, who wouldn't want it!

this just made me laugh. i mean really, you want to sell something....shouldn't you clean it off first? maybe empty the garbage of your used monthly personal items (cough, nasty) or maybe do some laundry? hello nasty gross sock. any takers? anyone?

i love me some kijiji. 0 comments

mail call

nathaniel received a package in the mail yesterday. i got him home and he torn into it.
he was delighted to see a book, when he saw a hammer he freaked out. waving his hands, hitting the book and saying "bang, bang"
so, yeah. he loved his tool book! nathaniel says a huge THANK YOU to his ontairio grandparents!


we were robbed

last thursday night between 5-7 pm the house that we rented in florida was broken into. the window was smashed and they allegedly entered through that window. we how ever suspect that is not what happened and it could have been an 'inside' job.

i personally 'only' lost my allergy drugs (they are often used to make crank) and get this....nathaniel's gold fish cookies.

the strange thing is my gold chain that i literally snapped and broke seconds before leaving the house was placed in the center of my dresser in plain sight. it was left (i chose to believe that their eye's were not let to see it)

cry lost her new baby, her i phone. rose lost her rings and jewellery, camera and video camera.

they left all our canadian cash.

we locked away most of our valuables in the van (lap top, passports, $)

it was interesting to watch how each of us dealt with it.

shawn was the most peeved. i think it's bec of his training (he is training to be a cop) and his anger at not "protecting" us. the military back ground does not help.

i personally was in shocked. as i cleaned up my room, putting stuff away, folding what they messed up, realizing that they touched my stuff. when i got to nate's bed, i was steaming mad. the shock turned to all out anger. fine mess with my stuff. but to touch my son's stuff. i was mad. angry. shaking. they went through his crib, ripped apart his bed and emptied his clothes on the floor.

as i went to bed that night alone. i missed chris. he always makes it right. i had to do this alone. i turned to the big g. i told him how i felt. he listened.

i then did one of the hardest things. i chose to forgive and speak blessings and joy upon those to violated us. i pray that one day they will hear about the one who has the power to change their life. so who ever you are, where ever you are...may your life be blessed to over flow....and may nathaniel's gold fish fill your belly to overflow.

sure my innocence to feeling safe is gone. i have to work on not being afraid. i chose to grow from this.


easter a day late

because we arrived late sat night, i wasn't able to give nathaniel a 'proper' easter.....what ever that is...ha. instead, chris and i (ok, chris) put together nathaniel's easter gift (ok, true be told- i bought it last yr and hid it away to give him at a later date and well easter just happen to be the next occasion) i bought him this (much to my dad's horror and dismay- a KITCHEN for a BOY? BLASPHEMY)
nathaniel had to bringing toys over and placing them on the kitchen as chris put it together....then climbing on it....and over it.....

chris gave nate the final screws to screw in. nathaniel actually stood there and put all 4 screws in the holes and turned them. that child is not like me at all. he totally takes after chris in the focus and task department....unlike me....who can't focus on anything for longer than a minute....what was i saying?....

i love my boys. i also love the play kitchen. nathaniel played with it long enough for me to clean the front living room.
did ya all know that drywall dust is nasty to clean?? it sticks to everything and it leaves the floor streaky after 3 mop jobs. grrrr....


home sweet snow home

ha. take 10. we tried to get 1 pic of the 2 boys together. finally got one on the 10th try.
nathaniel at down town disney. there is a huge flower garden that he loved. he also loved to smell the flower. each and every one.

me and the boys.

taking a self pic on big thunder mountain. really, i was scared. really.

shawn sewing in minnie's house. he did a fab job.

me and rose aka nana rose on the tea cups.

1/2 way through the ride.

warning shawn if he didn't stop spinning the stupid cups i was gonna hurl.

me and cry at the most wonderful place in the world...besides shopping centers/malls

hanging with this big blue furry thing

nana chasing after nate
i am back. we got in late sat night, after 12 hrs of travel and being welcomed with yet another snow storm.... i am beyond DONE with winter. i mean come on, seriously now. how much more snow are we gonna get? mercy!
i have unpacked my shorts and dug out my pants again. blah!
we had a great, fast, fun trip. nathaniel travels SO well. i am so happy with that. we did the disney thing, shopped a lot and i managed to read a whole book while i was away. it was nice to sit in the sun and relax. the trip was way to short and i can't wait to go again.
we won't go back until nate is at least 5. ha. (maybe chris will believe me this time)
chris took the week off to work on the house-by his own choice. he has the basement walls all up, the electrical and plumbing is also done. all we need to do now is tape, mud, sand, paint and install the flooring, which we picked out this morning. it looks like the basement will be finished by summer....if that ever comes....
i want to make it clear- chris CHOSE to stay home and work in the house instead of going to florida. ppl say that I am the crazy one? hummmm.....ha. i would post pic's but they are boring.....
now back to reality and laundry. sob, i want more sun.